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Boston's WBST-TV profiles Wonder Woman in a feature report, providing interviews with Diana's friends and colleagues, and recapping her adventures to date.

An issue recounting the events of Wonder Woman in a special news report.

Plot synopsis -- spoilers ahead

A special report shows the beginning of Wonder Woman and how she came about in Boston which has led to the U.N. Summit that is to be attended by Queen Hippolyta and includes special spotlights on Julia Kapatelis and Steve Trevor. Ronnie Sarasky, the reporter then talks about the attack of the Silver Swan and then asks different heroes who worked with her during the alien invasion. Donna Troy then gets a mention and Diana says that they had so much in common, they could've been sisters, and it turns out they were! They discovered that Donna Troy was also given powers by the Gods, in this case, the Titans and was named Troia. Sarasky then turns her attention to Superman. Superman explains that when he first saw her, he thought she was just another superhero but then ended up having a large amount of respect for her. Sarasky then brings out a photo of the both of them kissing, and Superman responds to that, saying that they are merely good friends. The both of them decided that they would keep their relationship professional.

Sarasky then talks to Lois about the delegates visiting Paradise Island and the commotion that Eris caused, which has led to Hippolyta going to the U.N. Summit. Julia Kapatelis then says that they will give her a gift, which is an ancient artifact which is from the ruins of Themyscira. Wonder Woman goes on to explain how her mother will be sure to accept it this time. The report finishes; will Hippolyta enjoy "Man's World"? Or will she see it more dangerous than before? And will Wonder Woman still be seen as the special Amazon? What will make her special if Amazons become common? Maybe because she has a special place in all of everybody's heart!


  • "With acknowledgements to Len Wein and Mindy Newell."

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The Best Thing About This Issue is the Cover 0

It is a nice cover.  The rest of the issue is completely unnecessary.  It sort of has the look and feel of when a tv show has a clips episode to save some money and time.  The issue is recounting the adventures and action of Wonder Woman in the first 48 issues, and it does so in a telejournalism format.  The issue is also failed by this.  The journalists talk with such cliches and hyperbole that you would think they were reporting from a county fair.  Another bad part was how much reading there ...

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