Wonder Woman #47

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #47 - Common Ground released by DC Comics on October 1990.

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    The first meeting between Wonder Woman and Troia, the former Wonder Girl!

    Donna Troy and Wonder Woman meet to find out what Circe has to do... she is back and certainly has a plan to defeat them both!

    The issue opens with Wonder Woman in a dark sewer under New York which seems familiar to her. She holds a rag in her hand which looks familiar as well.

    In Dianata Donna Troy as Troia and her husband Terry Long standing in the area, where Donna realises she has seen this place in her dreams. They are surrounded by an angry mob of toga wearers who tell them they are trespassing. Terry asks for Katin Leikos. Someone recognises Donna as Troia and yells that she is the saviour’s sister. Katina then steps forward and tells them to leave as they don’t have time for “disbelievers”. Donna replies that she just wants to ask some questions and mentions Dr. Stavros Christadoulodou. Katina, in response to that name, becomes slightly agitated as her face shows it. She tells them to leave once again as they will feel what true faith can bring, just like Circe had felt. Donna leaves and makes her way to the boat. Terry is surprised that she would just give up so easily, and Donna replies that she understands his frustration as she thought she had it all figured out. Most of her dreams had been like tiny puzzle pieces, and now they were coming together. She mentions the burning eyes in her dreams. It had all come together last night. In her dream, she had been leading the Teen Titans, when she saw those eyes and felt a sense of recognition about those eyes. It was a Scourge Demon, and her team mates were telling her to get away, but she was frozen, looking at those eyes. She moved a second too late and it dug into her flesh, and then everything had gone black. Then she could see Raven and she was using her empathetic powers to absorb Donna’s pain. But then she looked into Raven’s eyes and she could see something was wrong. She was darkening like a black hole and there was a gate to another world. Donna then fell through the black hole and fell into a world where there were many creatures with red eyes just like in the sewers. One of them attacked her but she fought back. She remembered seeing a Greek woman and a young girl who was crying out the name, “Diana,” and then it went black again.

    Back in New York, Wonder Woman wonders about the rag in her hand and what connection it has to her right now, in her dream. Her dreams have been more like nightmares, while she had been fighting against Circe’s werebeasts, as she could not let them get to Vanessa. She fights the beasts when Circe struck her down with lightning. She hears Vanessa call out, “Diana!” She awoke in her dream and it had been illuminated where she could see the beasts around her again. An unknown voice then calls out “Donna!” Her dream then turned in oblivion, but thankfully she had woken up. A mysterious voice had led her down to these sewers. She can feel the pain inflicted from the beasts even though she has no wounds. She then hears a sound and drops her rag and undoes her lasso. She asks them to come forward and from the darkness comes a pair of red eyes.

    Back with Donna, her, Terry and Stavros finally get to meet up in a café. Stavros apologises for Katina’s manners, as she had become ever more obsessed with Wonder Woman ever since she had destroyed Circe and smashed statues of her as she disowned the cult. Donna wonders if there are any ways to get some answers. She could talk with Diana, if only their schedules weren’t so conflicting. She had left a message at Julia Kapatelis’ house hoping to meet her in Greece, though she didn’t know about the death of Vanessa’s friend, Lucy Spears. Terry adds that they had found out about the U.N. summit next month. They had to go to Diana as Donna’s dreams were driving her crazy. Stavros wishes that Gregori Davalos was still around, as he would be able to help with the Katina situation, but nobody knows where he is. Stavros asks if Donna would like to come along to look at the Themysciran goblet they recently found, but Donna declines. A black cat, not too far away from them, runs off after watching them.

    In Boston, at Vanessa’s school, Julia speaks with the school counselor, Helen Anderson. She informs Julia of Vanessa’s psychologist’s observations. She then asks about Vanessa and her relationship with Wonder Woman. Julia asks what this has to do with Wonder Woman. Helen replies that Vanessa has gone through her father’s death, the pressures of school, her traveling mother, and the death of her best friend… and Wonder Woman, who puts Vanessa in danger all the time. Wonder Woman has put Vanessa in danger and Helena suggests that Vanessa cut all ties with Wonder Woman. If she doesn’t, Vanessa may never be able to face the pressures of the real world. Julia is upset by this; Vanessa doesn’t need to be handled carefully because she’s not luggage. She adds that Vanessa loves Diana and asks how she will react once Diana leaves as a loved one? Helen replies that Vanessa will fear that she may never come back. Julia, shaken by this, walks outside and leans herself against the wall. There has to be some other way…

    In the sewers, Wonder Woman is attacked by another werebeast and she uses her lasso to stop it from moving. Though as she does so, she notices other beasts as well, wearing trinkets made out of human bones. They attack her and raises her bracelets in defence. The mysterious voice that led her here tells her what good her compassion is if she’s fighting against beasts that kill without thought. She has to kill them, unless she wants them to kill her first. The voice coaxes her to bring out her savage side. The voice reminds her of her time with Cheetah, and the anger she showed that time. She is a beast herself! The werebeasts then retreat including the cat that had been watching Donna. Wonder Woman wonders why they had retreated. She then sees a light coming from behind her and sees the beast she wrapped in her lasso go up in flames, thanks to the lasso! Wonder Woman is confused wondering why she has been brought here. She remembers the day she left Themyscira and the face of her worried mother. Maybe her mother could see just how disturbing her dreams are and how much in common Diana had with Donna Troy. They needed to meet with each other. Were they fated to never meet up again? Wonder Woman remembers the self-pity she felt upon her arrival to Man’s World, and how it disappeared ever since she stopped hearing those voices. She followed it and came to the sewers. She flies out of the sewers through a drain and realises that this is the voice of Circe!

    Elsewhere, the cat from the sewers transforms into a woman. A man calls out to her, her name being Anna, and Anna says tells Theophilos Ventouras that Bestiamorphs still run around in the sewers and that they had attacked Wonder Woman. He asks if Diana is still down there and she replies that she doesn’t know as she had fled before the beasts had seen her. She adds that perhaps this is a sign that Wonder Woman can help them. Theo disagrees, he says that they cannot rely on her for this. Anna asks if he is wrong, and Theo says that he isn’t. Not after all these years. They will succeed and be free at last…

    Wonder Woman makes her way back to Boston to the Kapatelis residence and is greeted by Vanessa. Julia tells her about Donna’s message, and about Donna traveling to Cephalonia. Vanessa yells back at Diana, in an annoyed tone. Diana explains that she has to meet with Donna as she hasn’t been able to do so for a while now. Vanessa runs upstairs in a huff and yells back, “Fine! Go away then! Get yourself killed! Get out of here! I never want to see you again! You can go to hell for all I care!” Diana apologises to Julia, who says that she would not desert Vanessa if it weren’t for Donna. They each have their own responsibilities and Julia’s right now is to take care of Vanessa.

    In Cephalonia, Donna Troy is walking the streets with the local Governor, Foundas. He explains that he doesn’t want another incident just like when Wonder Woman was here. A man then runs up called Liguisos and accuses him for covering up another danger from this island. He replies that this is none of their concern, and Liguisos replies that this is a concern of all of them. Wonder Woman had saved their island, which the Governor didn’t solve. Or perhaps he had been paid off by Ventouras? The Governor replies that there hadn’t been any danger until Wonder Woman arrived. Liguisos replies that he is hiding something, and that is why he wants Troia to leave. An angry crowd forms and goes for the Governor when Troia throws up a force field. A man with a walking stick advances, but a golden lasso stops the walking stick from hitting them. Everyone turns and sees Wonder Woman. She tells them to go home, and tells them that Donna is a friend. The crowd disperses and Donna, impressed, tells her that she certainly has a way with people. Diana smiles at Donna and tells them that she is a friend, even though they have never met until today. They make their way to the house of Julia Kapatelis’ parents and they talk for hours, and a bond is instantly formed. Diana then asks Donna if she had heard someone speaking in Greek. Donna thinks for a bit and remembers a voice as well, thinking it was Diana. Diana responds that there is a connection with Circe and her Demon Scourge that the Titans had dealt with recently. Donna wonders why Circe had been after her. Diana has no answers, at least not for now. Circe is a complete mystery, being able to puzzle the Gods themselves. Suddenly, the both of them hear a scream. They run outside and see an overturned van and realises the van being owned by Gregori Davalos, who led the rebels. Diana rips away the door and sees Gregori injured. He warns them to watch out for Andros. They ask who he is, when they see a werebeast behind them, growling and confronting them!


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     One of the lingering problems with Crisis on Infinite Earths was that of Donna Troy and Diana.   Before Crisis, Donna was another Amazon that ventured to man’s world in the same spirit as her sister to do good.   She even took on the name of Wonder Girl.   With the Crisis reboot this character existed long before Diana ever left and therefore the traditional order was reversed.   This has since been retconned that Diana arrived first making this issue less necessary, but at the time there was ...

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