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Discover the legacy of Pandora and her infamous box--and the connection to Wonder Woman.

This issue touches on the origin of Pandora, and how a connection is formed between her and Princess Diana.

The issue opens with Ananke, a immortal being of some sort, telling her children, better known as the Trinity of Destiny who decides people’s fates that there is a visitor. It is Harmonia, Ares’ daughter who says that there is an imbalance and believes that her dreams about the Talisman she wears has something to do with it. The Fates then show a scene from Harmonia’s past showing her standing with Wonder Woman. It shows Wonder Woman using the Talisman to direct the Demon Plague towards Ares that had absorbed. Harmonia then asks what this means – does it mean that Princess Diana and her are connected in some way? It doesn’t make sense, seeing as they are total opposites of what they stand for. Atropos explains that the Fates will always spin the thread and is unpredictable of what can happen in the future, until the whole knot is done. The Fates then tell the story of Pandora to help Harmonia understand.

It cuts to a flashback, where Titan has been defeated by the Olympians, and Earth is left barren and destroyed. People pray to for strength, though one refuses and that is Prometheus. He climbs up to Mount Olympus and escapes the guardian, Gryphons. He finds what he needs – a fire for the people. He uses the Aegis to bring it back home. With that, humankind is reclaimed back to its normal state, free from the rule of gods. However, Zeus is angry to discover what happened. Though the Pantheon defends Prometheus and is admired for his bravery. Zeus then orders Hephaestus to make a body with beauty that will compete with a Goddess. And so, the goddesses bless their gifts to this creature: Athena grants her industrious artistry, Hestia grants her nature; Aphrodite grants her beauty, Hermes grants her wit, Demeter grants her the life that will make her happy. They then name the woman Pandora, which means, “The Gift of All”. The Olympians are pleased with their creation and is worthy of Prometheus. Zeus then gives her a small box. It is to be presented to her mate, and is to never open it.

Hermes takes Pandora to Prometheus’ house, where he is not so eagerly met by Prometheus and his brother, Epimetheus. Prometheus won’t accept the gift however, being very skeptical about the gift. Hermes and Prometheus argue, though Epimetheus interrupts, saying that he will accept the gift on behalf of his brother. Hermes agrees, thinking that a brother accepting is better than no one accepting. Zeus however, isn’t too happy. Prometheus pays for making Zeus where he is on Mount Caucasus with his liver being eaten until thirty generations have passed. Epimetheus is doing better, having Pandora as his lover. However, Pandora was gifted with curiosity, and wants to know what’s in the box. Pandora promises sexual bliss if he opens it. He refuses at first but he eventually gives in, changing the world. The Demon Plague is released, where fear, hatred, jealousy, doubt, mania and depression rear themselves. Epimetheus left Pandora, living on a harsh existence. The only thing that sustains her is hope. Now all that is left of Pandora is the amulet which Harmonia wears. Harmonia looks down at her amulet and wonders what would happen if Pandora hadn’t opened the box. She wonders if it’s all good though, as there is still unhappiness in the world. She then asks if the Demon Plague is truly dead because Diana reminds her of Pandora, and Pandora still haunts her dreams. The Fates continue to explain how Pandora’s fate is still not finished.

Before the Titans and Olympians existed, Gaea had a tough decision on her hands. She could keep her children close, away from hurt and pain, or push them into the outside world and betraying her heart’s desire. As she accepted her responsibility, she changed into something else and now was called The Pandora. The Goddess who understands her children’s fear and needs. The Pandora reaches into the Great Jar and brings out a pomegranate, which changes into an apple, then into a pear, then into lemon. She tells her children that the trees which grow fruit will sustain them forever, and gives them seeds to plant. She tells her children that beneath the ground, they will find ore and clay. She then uses flint to light a fire. She then gives her children wonder and curiosity, memory and wisdom. She gives them strength, endurance and strength and kindness for all living things. Things grow quite nicely, until time passes and the Titans come along. They wage a war on the Olympians and Gaea is humiliated and raped. After the war, two humans survive: the son of Prometheus, Deukalion and Pyrrha, daughter of Pandora. The Olympians win, however, and he awards his brother, Poseidon, the sea and Hades, ruler of the Underworld. With the clay from the underground, the fire and the Great Jar as trophies, he rides to his new home, Mount Olympus.

And from Prometheus, with his valiant act, the Great Pandora is changed. She wasn’t a child of Gaea, but created straight from Zeus. She screamed from so much remorse and cried out to Gaea. She responded and so Gaea whispered into Poseidon’s ear. He started to pity Pandora, and so he immersed Pandora with his ocean, until she would called again. It was then Hippolyta who cried the same empty cries, and so from the clay of the seabed which Pandora was immersed from, Diana was born! The Fates explain that the Gods have tried to forget the wars between them, but not even the wisest can look past their own prejudices towards the Pandora Goddess. And any child who was born after this turned against their own mother. Harmonia wonders for a while; the stories end as if she came back willingly, but in her dreams, there are screams and agony. Harmonia then realises that it’s not Pandora… but Wonder Woman!

Harmonia has a couple questions to ask. She asks what’s going to happen to Diana, and why it is her that has the talisman and the dreams. However, The Fates are quiet, and frustratingly, Harmonia bids them farewell. The fate of Wonder Woman still remains unknown…



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 There is an interesting story in this issue, though its relation to the overall series is vague.   Harmonia travels to another plane to meet the Fates and discusses with them the story of Pandora and how this relates to Diana.   Harmonia has been having dreams since acquiring the amulet during the Challenge of the Gods story arc and they all relate to this story.   I thought the writing on this issue was quite good.   The words of the Fates were impressive as the writers made them speak in a wa...

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