Wonder Woman #41

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #41 - Wonder Woman - Private Detective released by DC Comics on May 1950.

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    1. "WONDER WOMAN - PRIVATE DETECTIVE": (Wonder Woman) Diana Prince resigns from the army and becomes a private detective. after a few successes, she is hired to shadow Wonder Woman.
    2. JERRY 'N JOAN: (humor strip)
    3. "WONDER WOMAN VS. WONDER WOMAN": (Wonder Woman) after saving steve, Wonder Woman lands in an isolated valley where no one knows who she is and she lost her memory. taking the name Belle Dazzle, Wonder Woman becomes part of the community as a blacksmith for a bit until a traveling salesman who recognizes her bets the townsfolk she can't beat Wonder Woman. she gets her memory back but can't let the people down so she has Paula pose as her so she can win the contest as Belle.
    4. "BABY BIRDS": (Featuring women from the air industry)
    5. "VINNIE REAM HOXIE": (Wonder Women Of History)
    6. "WHERE'D YOU GET THAT HAT?": (text story)
    7. LINDA LEE: (humor strip)
    8. "THE TRIAL OF STEVE TREVER": (Wonder Woman) Steve goes on a special mission to Phobos (a moon of Mars) where he is put on trial for a murder he didn't commit.
    9. "HOME SWEET HOME": (Blinky)

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    Diana Prince, P.I. 0

    This is a substandard issue as it relies a lot on recycled plots.  The first story actually held some promise as Diana quits her job in order to become a private detective, but the absences of logic she uses to solve the cases are pretty ridiculous.  Eventually the mob captures here, sure that she and Wonder Woman are the same person.  Diana convinces them otherwise through yet another rapid costume change.  In the second story Diana gets amnesia and ends up in a small town where she does a numb...

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