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New 52 Wonder Woman #4

The Good

Great story that pulls you along from scene to scene with spectacular writing by Brian Azzarello. The fist 3 issues of the new 52 Wonder Woman were terrific but now this team is going full steam ahead. The gritty violence between Diana and Strife when Strife tries to lay hands on Zola's unborn baby in the night club is very "sin city." The Heroics and Honor of Queen Hippolyta surrendering herself to the judgement of the vengeful goddess Hera and the Amazons ready to defend their queen to the death even in light of her lies is golden age DC. The Heartbreaking return of Diana to Paradise Island to find her mother after Hera's judgement and the side tale of the small act of war playing itself out outside a bar Darfur make this a GREAT single issue and pull you into to the new Wonder Woman, it's one for the pull list.

The Bad

The cover, I love the art inside Cliff Chiang can draw the hell out of Wonder Woman, I see what they were going for on the top and bottom cover and its a 7 but the inside of the book is a 10.

The Ugly

Hermies, I like the character and how he is written but something about the look of this chicken little Avatar just puts me off. Can we have this God changes forms to something that looks like it belongs on Olympias?

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