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Wonder Woman's personal troubles only continue to worsen this issue as she's visited in her sleep by the dead God of War, Ares, who she killed several issues back. It appears that even in death, Ares is not done with the former Amazon warrior! If Ares hoped to scare Diana, he failed, instead he reignites her sense of justice and she races to Themyscira in hopes to rescue her mother from the rule of now king of the island, Achilles. But Achilles and his new bride, renegade Amazon, Alkyone, are prepared for Wonder Woman's return. Following so far? Well Donna Troy, Diana's younger sister, who's been deceived into hating her sister, catches Wonder Woman unaware and the two battle a short, but intense fight that not only strengthens the bond between the two, but allows Donna to see the truth. But Diana appears to be too late to free her mother because Hippolyta has surrendered herself and reveals that the tiara and title of, "Wonder Woman", now belong to Alkyone. There's all this, plus pregnant Amazons, and the return of Amazon leader, Artemis -- PHEW. A great story, but definitely not an issue for a new Wonder Woman reader with so much going on since the beginning of Gail Simone's run. Chang's art is dramatic, creepy where it needs to be, bold, and intense - unfortunately Wonder Woman does not look as though she possessed the beauty of Aphrodite. Woof! I'm again excited for the next issue, but I hope the former princess is able to turn things around on Paradise Island and fast!
~ Hype

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