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Hermes bestows a gift upon Diana. Plus, delegates from man's world arrive on Paradise Island.

The twelve delegates make their way to Paradise Island. Little do they know that a plan is being hatched...

News reporters are about to visit Themyscira and a news reporter is informing people about it. She reports how Diana is about to forge past and present into the future and allow outsiders to visit her homeland. Asmund Lindel announced eleven of the twelve delegates to visit Themyscira and the other ten were hand picked by Wonder Woman and Julia Kapatelis. The people chosen were Maritza Nitumbe, Phyllis Haller, Vladimir Morakov, Robert Cantwell, Rabbi Benjamin Hecht, The Reverend Alan Witherspoon, Lin Koo Teng, Rovo Quashi, Henri Claude Tibet and Felix Zumac.

The reporter adds that the twelfth delegate is a rumour and only Wonder Woman knows. The reporter sends back to the news HQ and continues that they were supposed to be transported by Hermes, but he is no where to be seen. Then it cuts to the Kapatelis home where reporters are asking questions to Julia.

Meanwhile at the ruins of Hermes’ temple, Hermes tells Wonder Woman that he has reduced his Caduceus to six inches and that he has enhanced winged sandals that he had given her to take the delegates to Themyscira herself. He then fires a blast of energy to her belt and passes some of his power over to her and sees how the Caduceus now forms a part of her belt. She tells him that she can’t accept this gift; it’s blasphemy. Hermes replies that it’s not blasphemy to accept a gift from a God. He then bids her farewell and flies to Steve’s apartment to clear up the mess while Wonder Woman sets off in a opposite direction.

She heads towards Metropolis and swoops down to the Daily Planet office and sees Superman waiting for her. Up in the sky, they embrace and the people below woo for them and Superman suggests they go somewhere more private. As they fly out towards the countryside, Superman apologises about the public and apologises for the innuendo that annoys Wonder Woman. She replies that Themis finds it offensive and Superman asks who Themis is. She replies that she is the Guardian of the Social Contract between all beings. Her duty is to remind one another with courtesy and respect. Wonder Woman adds that Superman should come to Themyscira as “Clark Kent”. He replies that he cannot attend the Festival of the Five because of his double life but he has another reporter to replace him…

Later in Boston, Vanessa is speaking to Eileen flowers on the phone and tells her that Lois Lane will be the final delegate. Vanessa goes on to explain that they are the best of friends and that she has not been ignoring her. She also adds how she can’t understand why Eileen is so jealous of Lucy Spears. Vanessa says that she was hanging out with Lucy Spears in hopes of getting good marks so she can go to camp with Lucy instead of Turkey.

Eileen suggests that if she does not do well, she can always stay with her, but Vanessa replies that she does not want to stay in boring Boston. Just then, Eileen sees Wonder Woman on TV. Vanessa tells Eileen that Julia had been acting so differently ever since she had got her grant and all she ever talks about is her dig in Turkey. Just then, she is interrupted by her mother who waves an envelope in her hand. She tells Vanessa it’s from Mr. Westlake. Vanessa opens her exams and jumps for joy. Eileen realises that her friend will be spending her time with Lucy.

At the United Nations, Wonder Woman addresses the audience and speaks in her native tongue. Hermes translates for her. Wonder Woman explains that she came from a world hidden by mist for a long time, known only to them by the songs of Homer and by the philosophies of ancient men. She continues on about her time on Paradise Island, as a child who would always bruise her knees and it was them who had taken care of her wounds. Some have called her a feminist, a chauvinist, a Messiah and a few have called her a Goddess. But she rejects these titles, as she is none of these; only a humanist. Hellenic tradition says that there have been four Ages of Humanity, but now it’s time for a fifth, where they all help each other. Wonder Woman then loops her lasso around the twelve delegates and the Caduceus symbol on her belt begins to glow and soon surrounds everyone. Instantly, they are gone.

Meanwhile on Paradise Island, the Amazons are waiting for Wonder Woman’s arrival. Hellene comments that Diana is late, that the honourable delegates have probably changed their minds. Perhaps the Princess is too ashamed. Queen Hippolyta orders Hellene to be quiet, that everyone had voted a majority for this day to happen. Pythia calms the both of them down, telling that them that they are simply nervous.

In the city, Menalippe instructs her Amazon sisters to carry their baskets of golden apples and orders them to be spread out evenly as she does not want them bruised.

Back in the forest, Hippolyta is surprised on Menalippe’s whereabouts as she knows that the Oracle and Penelope are devoted to each other. Why is she not at her friend’s side? Hippolyta then instructs Philippus to send a messenger to check on Penelope’s condition. An Amazon called Niobe goes to the Temple of Healing to check on her, and one of the healers replies that it is strange that she is in such a deep sleep. Suddenly, Penelope sits up asking where Menalippe is. The surprised Amazons reply that she is helping up setting up the feast. Penelope climbs out of bed, asking why they have been letting her sleep when there is work to be done, but one of the healers grabs her arm and tells her that Epione, another healer, will not allow Penelope to go unless she sees fit. Niobe tells Penelope that she has been sick. Penelope then stares deeply into Niobe’s eyes and asks her if she looks sick. Niobe, transfixed, suddenly agrees that she has recovered. Penelope then tells them that they must not be late.

In the forest, the Amazons see a glowing orb in the sky and it comes down. The Amazons see Wonder Woman guiding the sphere with her lasso and as it touches down, it disappears and out comes the twelve delegates. The delegates are so surprised by the new environment and Queen Hippolyta steps forward with other Amazons, saluting and welcoming their new guests. Hippolyta then summons a chariot so Henri Claude Tibet can be carried into the city. Lois Lane finds this strange, as this is a race of perfect humans, secluded from the world for 3000 years seems fascinated by physical liabilities. Wonder Woman tells the delegates that it’s ten kilometres to the city and they make their way through the forest.

When the delegates finally make their way to the streets of Themyscira, they are met by many Amazons. Each of the delegates marvels at the sights surrounding them. Lois Lane goes crazy with the camera, taking almost everything in. High on a balcony, Menalippe, Penelope and Niobe watch and listen down below. Menalippe asks Penelope if she has recovered. She replies that “recovered” is not the right word. Menalippe asks what Penelope sees. She replies that she sees what exactly what Hippolyta and Diana want them to see… the Dawn of a New Age.

Elsewhere in an unknown location, their words come from a glowing apple held by Eris, the daughter of Ares. She has watched everything and realises that everything is going well according to her plan. She watches the unsuspecting image of Diana, Hippolyta and their guests.


  • Darkseid cameo flashback appearance.
  • On page 8 panel 3 Superman's "S" was accidentally colored blue.

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 This issue deals with the preparations for the first visit of outsiders to .   Hermes who once promised to transport them instead gives Diana the power to do so.   On the Amazons are making preparations for their visitors.   Meanwhile Julia and Vanessa part ways for the summer.   It seems that the pulse of this series is dropping down.   Before there were well thought issues with character development and strong plots, but they still involved a lot of action.   Here they are into the second st...

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