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In the aftermath of the war with the Bana-Mighdall Amazons, Diana returns to Themyscira with a great gift.

Continuing from the previous issue, all is well and good, but not before Wonder Woman can save the city from being bombed.

Several military jets are swooping over the city to unleash their bombs and fire with their machine guns to cut down the Amazons. The Amazons then retaliate with their own firepower. Julia and Steve are horrified and plead with General Masat to be careful and not cut down Hermes and Diana. Faruka, underneath all this commotion says that they need Shim’Tar to help them escape. As she sees the face of Wonder Woman, she senses victory but Diana has other ideas. Wonder Woman then hears the sounds above and wonders where Shim’Tar’s power is coming from. Wonder Woman flies up to stop the planes, but Faruka orders Shim’Tar to stop her. Shim’Tar raises her weapons and fires at Wonder Woman. Then, a pilot sees two women fighting and reports that one looks like Wonder Woman. Osman then demands that Masat cease fire and Steve Trevor reminds him that she is an ambassador and killing her would give him a lot of problems.

Shim’Tar then fires a weapon and Wonder Woman falls to the ground. She tells her that it is now time for her to die, and they are about to witness the death of “Ariadna”. Wonder Woman realises she has no other way of defending herself and tells Shim’Tar that she has helped destroyed her own city because she was only trying to stop the attackers.

Faruka comes forward and says that Wonder Woman is lying, just like their previous queen. But their new queen, Shim’Tar will not lie to them. Faruka then orders Wonder Woman to be shot and Shim’Tar raises her weapon at Wonder Woman. Suddenly, a strange hollow thunder is above them and they look at an energy field that is preventing the planes’ attacks. They see that is Hermes and are confused by this… this is a man, helping them. The Amazons then turn back to Faruka and say that she has been lying.

Back at the camp, Masat is frustrated by the planes’ weapons being deflected. Faruka, angry, raises her weapon and fires at Hermes, saying how she has plotted too long for her plan to be ruined. Shim’Tar is distracted from Hermes’ fall and Wonder Woman uses this time to kick the weapon out of her hand. Batiri shoots Faruka, and tells her sisters that she is the only traitor here. The Amazons then execute Faruka with their own guns.

Shim’Tar then sees Faruka murdered and is angered that they have destroyed the “New Order”. Wonder Woman is desperate to stop this slaughter when she hears the soft voice of Hermes, telling her that using her lasso is the only way to stop Shim’Tar. Wonder Woman is doubtful but she unhooks her lasso and wraps Shim’Tar with it. Energy surrounds Shim’Tar as she tries to break free from it. Hermes tells Wonder Woman to not let go, though there is a lot of pain coming through. Hermes then orders her to hold his Caduceus. The Amazons scurry for shelter as one Amazon is left standing and that is Batiri. In her arms is Cheetah because if her race is about to die, then she has to remove Ariadna’s cursed spirit.

Back at the camp, Steve Trevor peers across as he sees a searing light and tells everyone to take cover.

General Masat’s men then arrive at the blast site and one of them look down from a helicopter from his binoculars and sees what looks like Wonder Woman. Julia sees for herself, and Hermes and Barbara Minerva are down there too. Julia sees Wonder Woman blink and is elated to know that she is alive.

Down below, Wonder Woman asks what happened to the city. He replies that Bana Mighdall is no more. She still hears Shim’Tars voice which can be found running through her lasso. She tugs on the end of it and on the end is the Gaea’s Girdle. Hermes is shocked as he explains that this was Shim’Tar’s source of power. That was the reason why Hermes told Wonder Woman to wrap her lasso around Shim’Tar – because the corruptness would be revealed. Wonder Woman also wonders how Shim’Tar could harness such power. Before she can get an answer, the helicopter touches down and they all hug, with Barbara Minerva on a stretcher. It is all fine, for the time being.

After several days, Vanessa hears her name at the arrival’s gate. It is Ed Indelicato and Lt. Mike Shands, saying that they will escort her to the arrival’s gate. She then sees Julia and Diana and hugs both of them. Diana thanks both the men and Ed is flustered. They fight their way through the reporters and into a car.

For some reason, in Massachusettes, Hermes is getting weaker by the day as Steve explains to Trevor. Etta is also concerned about their relationship and their marriage and she feels that they need to stay apart for a while.

At the hospital in Cairo, the doctor tells Osman Saukin that Barbara Minerva’s condition has bee stabilized but her body will begin degrading. There’s nothing more that the doctors can do and she will most likely die in a few months. The British Ambassador joins Osman and tells him that the British feel it is their problem. He also remarks that she won’t live long enough for the trial and they do not even have proof of the murders she has committed and wonders if they could keep her away from the public to prevent trouble. The doctor suggests the Arkham Asylum.

Osman tells Julia about Barbara’s situation over the phone and passes the message onto Diana. Diana is packed for home and Julia wishes her a safe journey. She then flies off to the air ready to get back to Paradise Island and celebrate the Feast of Five. Before that, she visits Vanessa at school and wishes her good-bye, Vanessa returning the goodbye with the Amazon salute.

Hippolyta is waiting on the shores of Paradise Island and Diana addresses them:

"Forevermore, you shall find strength in these gifts. They are your most sacred birthright - they are your power. You, Hippolyta, shall be Queen over all my daughters. Antiope, you shall rule by your sister's side. See to it that these gifts are never abused and wear you both these symbols of our trust..." Hippolyta then realises that that is what Artemis said and Diana pulls out Gaea’s Girdle and presents it in front of Hippolyta.

"Now go, my daughters. Henceforth you shall form a sacred sisterhood. Henceforth you shall be Amazons. And none may resist your power."


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 The action in this issue over the first half was really good as Diana and Hermes are battling the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall.   Hermes eventually discovers the main weakness of Shim’Tar and together he and Diana are able to escape with the almost dead Barbara Minerva before the city is destroyed.   The second half of this issue is a bit more mundane as Etta is happy to see Steve, Julia is happy to Diana, and Vanessa is happy to see Julia and Diana.   The most redeeming part of the second half was...

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