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Hermes joins Diana in retrieving the second golden girdle of Gaea, Steve Trevor and Julia Kapatelis arrive in Egypt, and Diana faces Shim'Tar, the new Queen of Bana-Mighdall.

Hermes comes and blasts the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall with his energy blasts while they fight back with their modern day weapons. Hermes is soon hit with a bullet and he falls. Wonder Woman places herself between Hermes and the Amazons and they then lower their weapons, to fulfill the wishes of the dead queen. Hermes then says he is here to retrieve the Golden Girdle of Gaea.

Meanwhile in a temple, Faruka is holding something with a cloth wrapped around it, and mentions something about the New Order finally taking over and that this item was crucial in the plot of Queen Anahid’s death. Faruka then opens the cloth and the item glows. She is met by two Amazons and requests them to take her to the one who waits.

Somewhere else in an airfield, Steve Trevor and Julia Kapatelis touch down and are greeted by Dr. Osman Saukin with General Masat. Julia explains that she is here because she is worried of the welfare of Wonder Woman. The four of them plan how to find Wonder Woman and General Masat asks how they will manage to prevent the loss of innocent lives. Steve replies by finding the whereabouts of the people who murdered the villagers of Syene Kesh and he presents a miniature Caduceus.

Back at the city of Bana-Mighdall, Wonder Woman and Nehebka argue whether to relinquish the Girdle as requested by Hermes. Nehebka refuses and says that Wonder Woman is pushing this too far. Wonder Woman replies that she has explained its history and belongs to Hippolyta. Nebekha explains that if that is the case, then Wonder Woman should give them back the lasso because it was forged from the Girdle, but she will not give it back simply because they asked her.

Not far away, a helicopter flies near the city and uses the Caduceus to help find Wonder Woman. Masat then spots something with his binoculars. The helicopter lands and Masat finds a body of a rebel fanatic named Colonel Hadal and wonders why they were out here in the desert. Masat then claims that this is now military business, and if the Amazon butchers are inside that storm, there is only one way to end this – by bombing it. Julia to her horror pleads him not to do so as Wonder Woman is still inside.

Wonder Woman and Hermes look down at Cheetah in the infirmary and she explains that if she had killed Cheetah, she would just become Cheetah herself and would be no better.

Meanwhile, in one of the city’s mosques Faruka addresses a group, telling them that Hermes is just another one of Anahid’s accomplices. One Amazons interrupts saying that if it wasn’t for Wonder Woman, Hermes could have destroyed them all, but a furious Faruka replies that since Anahid is dead, it is time for the New Order. Nehebka then enters the room and challenges her. Faruka gladly accepts, but she explains that she is merely a herald, and Nehebka’s challenge is behind her.

Hermes finds that his powers are not working and Wonder Woman suggests that is the Amazons having an effect on him. He tells her that he must retrieve the Girdle. Suddenly, he falls to his knees and says that it is a pain he has never felt before. Hermes tells her that is a job for an Olympian. Wonder Woman rushes after him with Cheetah in her arms. She seems him enter a building, and an Amazon called Batiri warns Wonder Woman not to enter. Then, Hermes is thrown back out by something inside.

Wonder Woman then hears the voice of Faruka and accepts the challenge the Faruka has presented to her. She then sees something thrown at her and uses her bracelets to deflect it. She then sees that it is the head of Nehebka. Faruka then introduces her new warrior; someone has a tiara like Wonder Woman - Shim'Tar!

Shim'Tar charges at Wonder Woman and her tiara blinds Wonder Woman which allows Shim’Tar the first punch. As Shim'Tar throws her punches towards Wonder Woman, she remembers something that Hermes had said: “…never felt such force before...not from anything mortal!” Wonder Woman then springs into action but Shim’Tar fights back and kicks Wonder Woman into a nearby tower.

Meanwhile, three jet fighters struggle in the sandstorm, when it seems to change direction.

Back in the city, Shim’Tar manages keep on beating Wonder Woman. Hermes, down below asks Batiri to take him to the Girdle. She agrees and takes him there, but is surprised to find that it has been removed. Suddenly, roars hits the city and an Amazon points upwards to find that there are fighter jets flying above the city. Julia is worried for Diana and Hermes but Steve assures that the planes might be able to spot them down below. Masat disagrees, as they have already been given orders – to blow the city apart!


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Girdle Power 0

 After the appearance of Hermes in the previous issue, the story gets off to a quick start here and doesn’t really slow down.   Hermes is set on recovering the other girdle, while among the Amazons various people attempt to control the decisions now that the queen is dead.   Meanwhile Julia and Steve are in the Egyptian desert trying to find Diana and Bana-Mighdall.   Despite the fast pace I don’t really feel as though the story grabbed my attention as much as it should have.   The Amazons of Ba...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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