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As opposed to the previous large scale story arc "Rise of the Olympian" this story arc is quite a bit lighter.  The action and plot are there, with a decent fight at the end care of Roulette and T.O. Morrow's desire to kill Genocide (which I thought was an interesting twist.)  Still so much of the issue feels a bit contrived and the semi-breaking of the fourth wall by referring to fandom about Wonder Woman and Power Girl's outfits was not really necessary.  Overall though it is a decent pairing of Wonder woman and Black Canary with both characters giving just about as much of their characters to make the issue interesting.  At the same time it is kind of weird as Gail Simone has written both characters, it would seem she would have a better handle on them.  It a fun issue, not particularly noteworthy, but at the end worth the time.  

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