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When the Amazons set out on a "Hunt of Honor," Hippolyta reminisces about Wonder Woman's very first hunt.

On Themyscira, a hunting party of Amazons set out on foot called the “Hunt of Honour”. Penelope is disappointed that Diana couldn’t join them, but Hippolyta replies that she has things to do on Man’s World, but she will return regardless. Hippolyta and the party make their way up a hill called Decian Hill where the statue of Artemis is standing. It is then Hippolyta remembers Diana’s first hunt. Diana had hunted for a stag and found one, and that is when Hippolyta ordered her to fire into its heart. Diana’s arrow fell short, but Hippolyta knew that she did that on purpose, as she was the best marksman there was. Hippolyta then ordered her daughter to go after the runaway animal, and Diana ran into the woods. It was then that Hippolyta heard cries of agony from an animal. She saw that the stag had been injured by a wild boar. Diana could bear it no more and ran after the boar and tackled it to the ground. Diana then prepared for the kill, but her mother stopped her explaining to her that Artemis’ choice for sacrifice was not by chance but by choice. Just then, an Amazon alerts everyone to a boar and she asks Menalippe if she is ready to kill. Menalippe aims and lets go of the arrow, heading for the target.

Back at Man’s World in Boston, Julia Kapatelis is finishing off a class when Mr. Vicks walks in and hands her a letter. He tells her that her research bond has been granted, but Julia isn’t too enthusiastic. Mr. Vicks asks her what the problem is and she replies that Wonder Woman hasn’t called in for days from England. Mr. Vicks reassures her saying that from what he has read, Wonder Woman is capable of taking care of herself. He also tells her that a couple police officers are in her office. Julia steps into her office and Inspector Ed Indelicato and Lt. Mike Shands are inside. Julia asks if they have learned anything and Indelicato replies that they have… but she won’t like it! Julia talks about a cat woman, but the officers aren’t too clear on what she is talking about so she recounts the night she shot Cheetah into the lake just before she was going to kill Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman never found the body and then Ed hands her a photo of Barbara Minerva. Then suddenly, Julia realises in horror that Barbara Minerva and Cheetah is the same person.

In Massachusetts Steve Trevor is waiting for Etta Candy as he has some very important news to tell her. Etta Candy comes, all angry, and Steve hopes that he didn’t make her angry. She replies that it is not him, and asks him what the important news is. Steve says it can wait and asks her why she is so angry, and so she begins to recount her day. General Hillary had been transferred to Washington, and the man taking his place was George Yedziniak. However, Etta and Yedziniak went a long way back, as Steve Trevor had tried to ruin the reputation of three commanders. Since Etta was in a relationship with Steve then and did not get involved with the fiasco, Yedziniak refused to transfer her as he accused her of being a security threat. Steve tells her that it will be alright and Etta replies that nothing will stop her from loving him. She kisses him goodbye and Steve realises that this is not the best time to tell Etta what happened this evening.

It all began when Hermes visited him this morning. Hermes asked Steve that he needed to experience being a mortal but Steve replies that he is quite busy, working at the Air Force. Hermes explains that he does not need to work for any mortal again, but Steve replies that that is what being apart of a mortal was all about. Hermes also wished to learn about the modern woman. So with that, Hermes raised his Caduceus and changed his clothes from his robe to casual clothing and asks Steve what they should do first.

In New Hampshire, Hermes, still wearing his casual clothing is in front of his temple in which he erected when he was a god amongst the mortals, when Ixion had attacked. He snaps his finger and his Caduceus appears and destroys the temple, yet he feels pain. This is not possible as he is a god!

At the same moment, the Amazons have finished their hunt and they are hopeful that Diana will join them in the Feast of Five. Menalippe replies that she too is looking forward to it and then all of a sudden, she is struck by a thunder bolt and cries out a name at the same time as Hermes, “Gaea!”

Back at the Kapatelis house, Julia is greeted by her daughter, Vanessa, but Julia is tired and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Vanessa replies that Diana is on the phone. Julia’s face lights up and she makes her way to the phone, telling Diana that she is glad she has called and continues to explain that she has found out something about Barbara Minerva. Julia hesitates and then demands to know who is on the other side of the line, as it is definitely not Diana. The stranger then hangs up. Vanessa asks her what is wrong. Julia explains that even though it sounded like Diana, she had pronounced one word that Diana has said a thousand times over: “Gaea!”

Meanwhile, in Syene Kesh, the Bana-Mighdall Amazons hangs up and another two Amazons stand over the slain body of the shopkeeper. The first Amazon takes a look at the picture of Diana and Julia standing together and rips it, letting the picture flutter to the ground. The Amazons then walk out, riding their horses out into the desert.


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This is a Wonder Woman comic without Wonder Woman.  Diana is there, but as the teenage version.  The rest of the story focuses on Diana's supporting cast both on Themyscira and in Boston.  Thus we are not just getting one story but like five small ones.  The stories are all right but forgettable, Etta has a new boss who hates her, Hermes is moving in with Steve and Julia is worried about Diana.  The story from the Amazons is a lot better though.  Hippolyta is missing Diana as they are on a cerem...

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