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The Lies - Part 2

Okay, this book was just creepy and weird. I'll try to be nice, but I definitely thought this issue was step down from both issue one (Lies part 1) and the year one story in the last issue. I don't feel like this issue continues very well what was set up in the first issue. That book had a distinctive war feel to me, and this book kind of maintains a little of that, while also having some weird and vaguely sexual scenes between Wonder Woman and an ugly Cheetah.

Let's talk about all the weird stuff. First off, the story opens with Wonder Woman bathing (in her armor) while Cheetah watches from above. Why Diana is covering her body and hair with jungle water we don't know. Liam Sharp did some decent art on issue one, but not so much on issue two and this panel in particular is very awkward. Cheetah and Diana talk and it seems they were friends before this. They can both relate because they are pretty much gods in their respective cultures. Cheetah is apparently married to this evil Hyena-man named Urzkartaga and he's the one who turned into this ugly cheetah lady. She blames Diana for this.

Diana still considers Cheetah her friend, but the Cheetah claims to hate her, and then Wonder Woman says this really weird line, "Love can exist with hatred, each preying on the other." Okay, I guess that makes sense, but it just sounds preachy and strange. Later, Diana and Cheetah run through the jungle before they get in a fight with Urzkartaga's hyena-men. The Cheetah starts eating one of them and Wonder Woman implores her to stop. The two of them then end up rolling around on the grass, as Diana tries to wrestle Cheetah away from her pray. They end up spooning with each other in a comforting embrace. It's not supposed to be sexual, but it kind of comes off that way. During this wrestle session, they have conversation that has a weird slant to it. It ends with Wonder Woman saying "That is not why he punishes you. That is never why any like them do. They do it because they can." This came off as if it were some hidden feminist message, that would have been better executed if it was not veiled and just stated plainly.

My favorite parts of the issue was the Steve Trevor subplot. Unfortunately, the plot jumps at the end leaving much of the Steve Trevor story feeling incomplete. Why Greg Rucka chose to skip over some important plot points makes no sense to me. The art by Liam Sharp also doesn't benefit this book at all. There are many times when characters are drawn in awkward body positions and contortions. The details on much of the faces were a little too shadowed for my taste. That might leave the inking to blame but in general, the art here felt like it was rushed. Honestly, I really don't know how I feel about this book and I'm uncertain about following Wonder Woman regularly. This felt like a sloppy book, that had some story, some set-up, and some really unnecessary subtle sexual undertones.


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