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Bullet Points Review: myth about "Clay" is truly shattered...

Story Highlights:

  • The amazons are performing last rites for their fellow dead ones who were killed in the confusion that Strife had created in the last issue when she entered paradise island. Not sure why and what specifically Aleka is unhappy about.
  • Diana is irritated being teased as "Clay" all the time. Per what everybody knows, Diana was born of clay as a boon to Hippolyta's prayers. However Strife is finding that a bit funny and Diana is not too comfortable with that.
  • There is a shocking revelation about the origin of Wonder woman that will leave you wondering even after you have read the issue. Diana is not really born of clay but is truly is the daughter of Hippolyta and... Zeus!
  • This new change will stir all that you knew about Wonder Woman!! Diana herself is surprised to know the truth about who she really is and is not exactly happy that she was not told earlier. She feels like it was a conspiracy and is very angry about it.
  • There is a small biff between Diana & Aleka at the end. As she lights up the pyre for fellow amazons who had died today, Diana leaves the island announcing to all that she should never again be called as "clay". And that she is just Wonder Woman and would never return to the island.
Cliff Chiang's version of Wonder Woman looking fantastic!!
Cliff Chiang's version of Wonder Woman looking fantastic!!


This is truly a landmark issue for Wonder Woman due to the shocking revelation about her origin. The art continues to be unique here. Diana is looking very beautiful (checkout the picture attached in this review) - better than the previous two issues and this issue seems to be little longer than usual - good value for money. You will see Diana in a bit edgier and angrier mode. Only complaint I have is Hippolyta's tiara looks little funny here - more like a head band in some panels but its okay!

I am going with 5 out of 5 stars due to quality story & art. The twist is well worth it.

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