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Decent Action

 The issue starts off with action already underway.   Diana’s attackers are awaiting at the top of the water in case she surfaces.   When she does she makes her way to land where she is attacked by them.   This was a decent battle which took up one of the two plots running in the issue.   The other involves Aegeus who is trying to find so that he can attack it.   Steve Trevor tries to intervene only for Wonder Woman to finally catch up to Aegeus at the end.   How she beats him I thought was pretty cool, because although she could have outmuscled him she outsmarts him instead.   It was a fun issue, a little lacking in plot at times, but the action made up for it.   It was also a nice job on the artwork, especially the cover which I thought was really well done.   The backup story with the Huntress was also interesting, those these short backup stories usually take on the same general plotlines.   

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