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Wonder Woman raises up an army of Amazons to bring back Olympus!

With the fall of Olympus, Wonder Woman must no longer ignore her destiny. She is no longer the princess of Paradise Island, but the newly pointed god of war! Written by Brian Azzarello with artwork by Cliff Chiang.

The Good

Tonight, we FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!
Tonight, we FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!

Reading WONDER WOMAN is always a fun experience for me. Even when I don't follow the series issue-by-issue, I comeback to this series (like for example this 29th issue) and I walk away pleased. It's probably because Wonder Woman is appealing in so many ways to readers. In terms of character how she's a hero, but willing to make the tough choices for the good of the people (i.e. the *"K" word that heroes find a way around to achieve their goals for the greater good). From what I've read from this series, she also has different layers that make her a more complex character than Batman and Superman for example. Because of these traits, I'm sure that's why Wonder Woman's series has been successful; cause Brian Azzarello hasn't been afraid to venture out into new depths with the character and make her more complex than the average hero.

This issue is no different! The story revolves around a new threat that claims himself the new "god of Olympus" after the fall of Olympus. With this, Wonder Woman must fight, no longer as a princess, but as a "god of war." And man, does Brian Azzarello know how to make this issue feel like the stakes are high and that Wonder Woman is going to kick a whole lot of butt with this new title. If you read this issue from beginning-to-end, you'll understand that Azzarello was building up a lot of anticipation for Wonder Woman to announce that she's a "god of war" now, it was (and is) a feeling of excitement and a joy to fist pump your hands in the air with her over this news. Or that could be me just getting too excited over how awesome this really sounds.

Anyway, Cliff Chiang's artwork is freaking awesome! Everything about it is great, from the colors to the design. I just absolutely love his art and I'm glad he's on this series, because he helps Brian Azzarello put the "Wonder" in "Wonder Woman."

The Bad

Of course you didn't think I read the most recent prior issues. What do you want a gold star?
Of course you didn't think I read the most recent prior issues. What do you want a gold star?

Having not been following Wonder Woman recently, does handicap reading this issue a bit. While I was fully intrigued by the story, characters, and artwork; a part of me knew I didn't understand what was fully happening because I didn't read prior issues that led up to this event. However, other than that writer Brian Azzarello did a good job at briefly catching me up to what was currently happening, so I didn't feel totally left out.

The Verdict

Um, the feeling a
Um, the feeling a "4 star review?" Was that the answer?

Wonder Woman is a successful New 52 DC Comic book series. If you are tired of the usual heroes we see nowadays, I suggest reading Wonder Woman (and Invincible) as it'll give you a different perspective on what it truly means to be a hero. I didn't understand everything that was going on, however that is mainly on me for not following along with prior issues, but other than that everything else about the story is great. I love the characters that are with Wonder Woman on this adventure and the illustrations by Cliff Chiang is pretty freaking amazing. So in other words 4 out of 5.

*P.S. if you didn't know what the *"K" word I was talking about that heroes don't like to do, it's "killing." But I'm sure you already knew that ;)

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