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  1. "VILLAINY INCORPORATED" After they are defeated by Wonder Woman Eviless begs her not to send the Saturnic girls back to Saturn so she takes them to the Amazon prison on Transformation Island. Before they can put the Venus Girdle on her, Eviless fakes a heart attack and when left alone for a moment she steals the lasso of truth and sabotages the girdle so it can't be locked on her. once locked up she removed the girdle and used the Lasso to escape, taking over the prison and freeing those who wanted it. Among the freed are Giganta, Queen Clea, the Blue Snowman, Dr. Poison, Hypnota, Zara Priestess of the crimson flame and the Cheata, a group Eviless dubs Villainy Incorporated.they use the lasso to abduct Hippolyta and use her to take over Themyscira and imprison all the Amazons then lure Wonder Woman back home and capture her.
  2. "TRAP OF CRIMSON FLAME" Wonder Woman and Hippolyta are trapped by chains that tighten as they burn and the villains don't have enough girdles for all the Amazons so they take them off the prisoners who refused freedom but without the girdles, the now reformed prisoners easily break their bonds and fight to free the amazons. when the fighting is over it is discovered Clea, Giganta, Hypnota, and Zara have run off with Hippolyta's jewels. returning to man's world, Wonder Woman finds no leads for months and finally stumbles on a new flame cult run by Zara and Hypnotic. she is quickly captured and it is revealed they also have the Holiday Girls. bound with chains welded by men and under Hypnotic's influence, she is ordered to kill one of the prisoners or all will die.
  3. "ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING" (Wonder Women of History)
  4. TON O' FUN (humor strip)
  5. "RECOIL" (text story by Ted Udall)
  6. "IN THE HANDS OF THE MERCILESS" Wonder Woman begs to not kill, buying time to secretly free Etta who then breaks her chains. Zara and Hypnotic are quickly defeated and they find half of Hippolyte's jewels. while Wonder Woman flies the prisoners back to Transformation Island Steve is abducted by Giganta and Clea. Meanwhile, Prof. Zool is playing with his evaluation machine again when the villains show up to take the holiday girls causing him and the girls to be devolved to have gorilla-like bodies.

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Unlike those which preceded, this issue is basically one long story (though it is broken into three parts.)   At the beginning the Saturnians are captured and taken to Earth.   Their leader escapes and frees almost every other female enemy that Wonder Woman has faced up to this point in her publication history.   it goes through the usual cycle of captured, escaped, forced to give in again because others are threatened, but really this issue is something like a modern day comic as opposed to the...

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