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Environmental Morality

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This issue was quite interesting for me, especially as a student of environmental science.  Diana does battle with the new Cheetah, this one an environmental activist/terrorist.  In the previous issue it has been revealed that the two share a concern for the environment, but here they take it to different extremes.  Diana takes a human first approach whereas the Cheetah takes an environment first approach.  It is kind of interesting to look at this through the lens of the 1970s because the way we look at the environment has changed considerably since back then.  We used to think of it as something which we are apart from and can control, now people are increasingly beginning to realize that it is something which controls us despite how much we try.  In addition to the different approaches to environmental activism depicted, there is also decent action.  And at the end the real villains who isss pulling the ssstrings isss revealed.  Backup story with Huntress and Power Girl vs the Thinker was decent once again as well.  

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