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Brian Azzarello’s enters his third’s (and apparently last) year at the helm of the Wonder Woman’s boat. We’re about to reach the climax of his epic, yet he doesn’t shy away from keep building up the world and its characters, giving us a dialogue heavy issue.


In the aftermath of the First Born’s defeat, Wonder Woman is the new God of War, and Apollo wants her to be part of his little inner circle of deities. Of course, she doesn’t like the idea, and from there, things escalate. A lot of stuff is set up. Two different sisters are scheming against Diana: Cassandra is moving her organization to capture her brothers, starting with Milan, and Strife wants revenge for the death of War. It’s interesting seeing the latter being so devastated by the news, showing another side of herself that up until this point was hidden by beautiful sassiness. Characters relationships are expanded and more developed. We get to spend a little more time with Hermes again, one of the main characters at the start of the story, now desperately trying to find forgiveness for his actions. It’s powerful stuff.

A rather grim streak of black humor is provided by Hera, who decides that the best way to honor the deceased Lennox is place his head in display on a the fireplace. For the rest of the issue, it sit quietly there in the background.


But it doesn’t matter how good it is, an issue of only dialogue can become pretty boring pretty fast if it’s not paired up with an artist capable of maintaining an acceptable flow and captivating layouts. Of the many artists that came in to replace Cliff Chiang, Goran Sudžuka is probably the most solid, the one that closer comes to the main artist overall style and sensibilities. Although his figures are more conventional looking, less pop-art, his layouts and pages are smooth and just as easy to the eye. Help obviously comes also from Matthew Wilson, the great unsung hero of this title, that since the beginning helped the book create its peculiar, personal feel thanks to the warm and brilliant colors


Wonder Woman #24 is a set-up book. Many things are planted, not a lot grows, but give it time, give it time…

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