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The Golden Age Flash takes down a German spy ring. Pointing out that she was perfectly capable of handling the spy ring alone, the Golden Age Wonder Woman is actually borderline furious with the Golden Age Flash for offering his assistance. Her anger quickly escalates, as she dresses the Golden Age Flash down for treating her as less than an equal. The Golden Age Wonder Woman storms off, leaving the Golden Age Flash to ponder her rant. The Golden Age Wonder Woman resumes her Diana Prince identity, and returns to her hotel room. She arrives just as her friend, Etta Candy, is being ushered out on a date by Lieutenant Marchand, a member of the Free French Army. Meanwhile, General Blankenship is showing Major Steve Trevor several photographs of the Golden Age Wonder Woman.

The pictures show the Golden Age Wonder Woman attacking American soldiers, destroying American military equipment, and protecting Japanese soldiers against Allied Forces. Ever since Trevor was hospitalized, the Golden Age Wonder Woman has, seemingly, turned against the United States of America. The stress of the accusations against the Golden Age Wonder Woman prove to much for Trevor. As he collapses, his replacement in Military Intelligence, Colonel Belushi, goes to get a doctor for him. At that moment, on the planet Mars, the Roman God the planet is named for bellows in rage over the Golden Age Wonder Woman's constant interference in his schemes. His advisor, the Duke of Deception, points out that the Golden Age Wonder Woman has fallen out of favor with the American military.

The Duke of Deception offers his services in deepening the rift, while stoking the military's growing resentment towards the Golden Age Wonder Woman. The God of War approves, opening a portal to Earth for the Duke of Deception. The Golden Age Flash, as Jay Garrick, his civilian identity, meets with Prince to clear the air between them. After reaching an amicable accord, the two prepare to dine together, when Prince sees the Statue of LIberty closing on them. Summoning her invisible jet, Prince, as the Golden Age Wonder Woman, engages the Statue of LIberty in combat. All Garrick sees, though, is the Golden Age Wonder Woman toppling the Statue of Liberty. The two argue over the Golden Age Wonder Woman's actions, until the Golden Age Wonder Woman storms off. Unbeknownst to the two heroes, they are being observed by the Duke of Deception.

Flying overhead, the Golden Age Wonder Woman sees a German U-Boat dock on the Jersey shore. German soldiers storm the pier. The Golden Age Wonder Woman attacks, little realizing the German soldiers are actually an illusion cast by the Duke Of Deception. She is really battling against United States Navy sailors. Blankenship and Belushi watch the Golden Age Wonder Woman's assault, from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. The order is given to bring down the Golden Age Wonder Woman by any means necessary. To prevent any interference by the Golden Age Flash, the Duke of Deception conjures the image of a horrific sea monster directly in the speedster's path. With the sailors subdued, the Golden Age Wonder Woman suddenly finds herself surrounded by United States Army forces. She is ordered to surrender, or be fired upon.


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The wartime saga of Wonder Woman continues.  Here she receives help from Jay Garrick but then lashes out at him for treating her like a helpless female.  Meanwhile both Ares (well he is Mars here) and military leaders are conspiring against her.  In doing so the Duke of Deception is let loose with a plan to stop her.  He makes her believe the Statue of Liberty is attacking her and later that Germans are invading New York City, both of which are elaborate illusions which only she can see.  In doi...

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