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At least it's over...

Yes, this story arc is over but I'm dreading the next one even more. I still don't understand why everyone (including myself) thought Gail Simone could save the Wonder Woman series. She's an improvement but it's still not something I would ever read and love; I do it because I have a strange almost childish attachment to this character. She's the first female superhero I ever knew and I admit I preferred Firestar to Wonder Woman. There's also the magical elements of the WW mythos that I find appealing.

At every point in this story arc, The Ends of the Earth, was confused.

1) I do not believe that Wonder Woman would fall into a "Ponn Farr" like state (that's when Spock and other Star Trek Vulcans go into "heat" and are compelled to follow their lust every seven years or so); Wonder Woman basically acts like she's in heat now around Tom Tresser/Nemesis. She forcefully proclaimed to him that they are now "dating" without so much as asking the poor guy out to dinner first. Is it what Nemesis wanted all along? Yes, he crushed on her for a long time but I think her disrespect came as huge surprise to him. In this issue, #23, Tresser is confronted by Donna Troy who comes just wants to see if he is worthy of her sister's love. In the end she does approve of him and she's not even sensing that the Amazon customs are putting him off.

2) I kind of enjoyed the part of the story that Stalker found a weakness in Wonder Woman's armor; he discovered that since he does not have a soul, if she used her lasso on him, it would backfire. She went catatonic and ended up in his world on his mission. All the while there's not a whole lot that is explained well. As I said, I was confused constantly in this part of the story. Beowulf is there too and there's no reasonable explanation as to why. Kudos though on the "arctic-barbarian version" of the Wonder Woman costume.

3) When it came down to the ass-kicking action against a giant demon, all was well. I actually felt like things were on a good track here. I didn't know until this conclusion why the heck Diana had one red claw for an arm though. Apparently that was a gift by a witch queen called Oracle. It dissipated when her red eyes did which was after the demon was defeated and Stalker returned Wonder Woman's soul to her body (splitting the soul was another thing that had me confused to all to hell).

So to wrap up, by the time this concludes there's some cohesion in what the arc was all about. Basically if you are a fan of the barbarian/fantasy realm genre, then these issues might actually be a Wonder Woman story you would enjoy. For me, I prefer her fighting alongside the Justice League.

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