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Corrupting ideals

After the last issue which piqued my interest in this story arc that I otherwise had a poor understanding of where it was going, this issue was a bit of a letdown.  The action and plot were still there, but the overall story turned out to not be as exceptional as the lead-in may have led me to expect.  There was a certain amount of back and forth between the main action and the action at Diana's house.  It was interesting to see the verbal exchanges between Tom and Donna, but when it got back to the main action the story was an interesting one but it was not tied into the main title very well and thus acts as almost a standalone non-sequitur story arc.  Still that being said there were a lot of fun moments in both this issue and the story arc as a whole.  The concept of corruption of one's ideals was looked at in various ways, but most interesting a good person corrupting an evil person's ideals.  Overall the story arc was still a good read, the writer (and the whole creative team) know what they are doing and maybe even more concerned with telling a good story as opposed to worrying where it fits in with the rest of the series.  

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