Wonder Woman #228

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #228 - Retreat to Tomorrow! released by DC Comics on February 1977.

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    The Silver Age Wonder Woman teams up with the Golden Age Wonder Woman!

    A departing jet liner is forced into a steep climb to avoid a bizarre aircraft, one that arrived through a rift in the sky. The rapid ascension causes the jet liner's engines to stall. Fortunately, Wonder Woman is on hand. From the wing of her invisible jet, Wonder Woman casts her magic lasso around the nose of the jet liner. Wonder Woman pulls the plane out of it's dive. With the jet liner saved, Wonder Woman goes after the strange aircraft that instigated the crisis. Wonder Woman is surprised to find the aircraft marked with the Nazi Swastika.

    The pilot, though, seems even more surprised to see Wonder Woman still alive. Exiting the cockpit, the Red Panzer unleashes a hail of gunfire from his fingertips. Wonder Woman deflects the assault with her Amazon bracelets. The two combatants are so focused in their conflict that neither notice the strange energy beam that envelops the aircraft. Drawn back through the rift, Wonder Woman is surprised to see Washington D.C. below them, instead of New York. The Red Panzer rolls his aircraft, sending Wonder Woman plummeting to the street below.

    Wonder Woman crashes through a news stand. Seeing herself on the front page, meeting with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, reveals her true location... Earth-2. Seeing an article on the Golden Age Green Lantern confirms her whereabouts. The rift in the sky not only carried Wonder Woman back in time, but also through to the parallel dimension of her Golden Age counterpart. Attracting too much attention on the street, Wonder Woman ducks into a boutique to buy more period appropriate garments. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Virginia, the Red Panzer contemplates what went wrong.

    Using a time-scanner of his own invention, the Red Panzer saw the fall of the Third Reich. Outfitting himself with state-of- the-art armor, the Red Panzer flew his Panzer-Ship into the future to change history. A flaw in his design, however, caused him to overshoot his mark by three decades. Brought back to his proper time by his preset grapple beam, the Red Panzer had not intended to carry Wonder Woman back with him. The Red Panzer, though, is unaware that he traveled not just through time, but through space, as well. The Wonder Woman he brought back is not the same Wonder Woman he's fought in the past.

    Before Wonder Woman can change into civilian attire, she spies a little girl chasing a ball into traffic. Wonder Woman stops a car from running over the little girl, attracting the attention of her Golden Age counterpart. Wonder Woman is surprised that her Golden Age counterpart doesn't recognize her. Their "first" meeting, though, won't happen for another thirty years. The two Wonder Women briefly battle against one another, due to a misunderstanding. Only when Wonder Woman is bound in her Golden Age counterpart's magic lasso does the fight end, and the misunderstanding cleared up.

    The Wonder Women break into the Red Panzer's secret headquarters. Wonder Woman takes the Panzer-Ship back to her proper time, and place. Her Golden Age counterpart is attacked by the Red Panzer. Though he puts up a good fight, the Red Panzer is quickly bested by the Golden Age Wonder Woman, and bound in her magic lasso. Wonder Woman safely reaches present day Earth-I. The Red Panzer's grapple beam once more pulls his Panzer-Ship back to Earth-2. As the ship is drawn back to the Red Panzer's headquarters, it slams into the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Though still bound in the magic lasso, the Red Panzer has the Golden Age Wonder Woman unconscious at his feet. The advantage is clearly his.



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    Going to be back in time 0

    This issue acts as a turning point for the Wonder Woman series, one which was sort of unnecessary but also one which was not unworthy.  It shifts the focus from present day Wonder Woman on Earth 1 to golden age Wonder Woman on Earth 2.  The recent run of Wonder Woman issues (since the twelve labours of the JLA story arc) were actually decent silver age stories, but these upcoming ones are more throwbacks to the golden age, in a title which since the mod girl years hasn't really defined itself ve...

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