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Was Jesus ever like this?

In this issue, the Amazons fight against the OMACs, once and for all. The reason why the OMACs attack isn't greatly explained, though that probably leaves more storylines for the future. This issue also gives light on some of the Amazons and it gives us a sense of loss in human life and the Amazons. You can see that the art is rushed. According to DC, Rags Morales would be doing the art, but a fill-in guy had to come. The fill-in person does do a good job, showing detailed emotion, though you can see its messiness because of that, but the art was flowing, as it easily showed you to the next panel. The cover of the book is excellent however where Wonder Woman is in a Christ-like pose. Regular readers of Wonder Woman would understand, as the comic has always had strong religious themes running through it such as Diana exclaiming "Great Hera!" and they talk about love, sacrifice and nobility and the fact they always refer to the Olympian Gods for further guidance. In the toughest times, the gods have chosen to let them die, perhaps for the greater good of somewhere else, and the OMACs are willing to go with it. This sets the story for some really bloody fighting scenes, with more to come in the next issue.

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    After the previous issue's excellent lead-in, this issue resorts to some of the more common elements of an invasion of Themyscira.  The gods are involved as always which cuts down even more on the weight of the situation, but after a standoff Diana and the Amazons manage to gain some ground in their battle.  There is a change of momentum though which benefits both the Amazons and detracts from them.  This moment was deeper than the rest of the action packed issue, and results in some tough choic...

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