Wonder Woman #220

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #220 - The Man Who Wiped Out Time! released by DC Comics on November 1975.

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    The Atom guest-stars in "The Man Who Wiped Out Time!"

    Wonder Woman has agreed to undergo a series of trials to re-earn her place in the ranks of the Justice League of America. A carrier pigeon is teleported up to the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters, where it is received by the Elongated Man and Red Tornado. At a prior meeting, Superman flipped a coin to determine who would monitor Wonder Woman's tenth trial, the Atom or Hawkman. When the coin lands on it's edge, the Tiny Titan and the Winged Wonder enter into a wager as to who can monitor Wonder Woman's next adventure first. The arrival of the carrier pigeon would seem to indicate that Hawkman has won the wager. Upon closer inspection, though, the Elongated Man discovers the Atom's report, written out on gum wrappers.

    Diana Prince had just returned from an assignment in the Catskill Mountains. After passing a routine fitness exam, Prince settled back into her workday routine. The doctor who examined Prince noticed his watch was missing. In New York to secretly monitor Prince, the Atom, in hid civilian guise of physicist, Ray Palmer, also noticed his watch was missing. The television game show, Palmer was watching in his hotel room, "Race The Clock", is cancelled, mid-show, when it's clock suddenly goes missing. Palmer dialed the time, only to find the service out of order. Realizing a crisis was afoot, Palmer dialed Prince's number, and rode the telephone currents to her location, as the Atom. Upon arrival, the Atom ducked out of sight, so that he could surreptitiously watch Wonder Woman in action.

    Prince was informed of the strange phenomenon by her boss, Morgan Tracy. Changing into her Wonder Woman costume, the Amazon Princess got a sense of the escalating dilemma through the United Nation's security feed. Wonder Woman lept out the window, and lassoed the entire United Nations building. With the occupants of the building compelled by the power of the lasso to obey her, Wonder Woman prevented a mass panic. Summoning her invisible jet, Wonder Woman used an experimental mental radio to telepathically broadcast a message of calm to the citizen's of New York. Focusing on her own steady heartbeat to determine the time, Wonder Woman was able to perceive the clocks in the city, as well as the culprit behind the crisis, Chronos.

    Despite an earlier conflict between them, Wonder Woman did not immediately recognize the Time Thief. Though startled that Wonder Woman could see him, Chronos was quick to attack, launching a jet powered sundial at her invisible jet. The impact knocked Wonder Woman clear of her jet. Wonder Woman quickly lassoed her invisible jet, to keep it from crashing onto the crowded streets below. Unexpectedly, Chronos threw the Amazon Princess a lifeline. Chronos, though, had only postponed Wonder Woman's falling death to gloat over his successful time stealing scheme. The rope he cast to Wonder Woman was actually an ancient rope clock. The knots in the rope count down the minutes, until, like a fuse, it entirely burns away.

    Wonder Woman swung her invisible jet over to the rooftop of the United Nations Building, just as the rope clock burned up. The Atom was about to leap into the fray to rescue her, when Wonder Woman contracted her lasso, drawing herself alongside her plane. The Atom's report delves further into the details of Chronos' scheme. Chronos had created a time-perception banisher that effectively cloaked all methods of keeping time from the citizens of New York. Only with special contact lens in place, was Chronos able to shield himself from the effects of the time-perception banisher. Chronos localized the effect of his device, by encasing the city of Manhattan underneath a semi-opaque force field, one that resembled an enormous watch crystal.

    The army was mobilized to break through the force field, but their efforts proved futile. Though the initial panic stage had passed, living in a city without time began to manifest a multitude of problems, some mundane, some dire. Working from an offhand comment Chronos teased regarding the hidden location of the time-perception banisher, Wonder Woman began checking out all the time landmarks in the city. The hands of the clock at Grand Central Station, reached out and entangled her. The hands pinned Wonder Woman to the clock face, which then pitched off the clock. Wonder Woman used her magic lasso to clear away the bystanders, as the clock face hit the ground, and began to roll down the street, into traffic. Wonder Woman used her magic lasso to create a net between two lamp posts to stop the clock face.

    After checking on civilians at Grand Central Station, Wonder Woman spent the rest of the afternoon escaping from one booby-trapped time landmark after another. Chronos closed on Wonder Woman in Time's Square. Chronos triggered a digital clock trap, forcing Wonder Woman to deflect lightbulbs with her bracelets. Chronos then coated Wonder Woman's body in "reverse quicksand". The sand covered all of Wonder Woman's pores to suffocate her. Wonder Woman merely spun around, like a top, and whipped the sand back into Chronos' face. A quick toss of her tiara disabled the antigravity disc in Chronos' Flying Sundial. Realizing Chronos' cryptic clue about landmarks literally meant something that marks the land, Wonder Woman snapped the Time's Square sign post in half.

    Inside the post, Wonder Woman found the hidden time-perception banisher, and destroyed it. After debriefing the army commander on the resolution of the crisis, Wonder Woman returns to work, as Diana Prince. Having won the bet, a gleeful Atom awaits Hawkman's arrival. Hawkman, however, states that he has won their wager, having just observed Wonder Woman in action, in the Catskill Mountains. As Hawkman prepares to read his report on Wonder Woman's tenth trial, the Justice League of America is left to ponder the mystery of how Wonder Woman could be in two places at the same time.



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    The stories dealing with the trials of Diana to rejoin the Justice League seem like they have mostly either been well done or have been completely off the mark.  Here is one though that is almost completely average.  the Atom is observing Wonder Woman and he discovers her in New York City where Chronos has shown up (coincidentally the main enemy of the Atom) and has removed all time.  Wonder Woman attempts to stop him single handedly and must go through the entire city fighting booby trapped clo...

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