Wonder Woman #219

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #219 - Sacrifice, Part 4 of 4 released by DC Comics on September 2005.

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    This issue picks up from Adventures of Superman #642 where he is controlled by Maxwell Lord. When Superman flies to Switzerland to meet Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman follows him. When she arrives at the chateau, Wonder Woman is grabbed by Superman and Lord attempts to put a mind-control spell on her, but fails. Lord then projects a vision where Doomsday is killing Lois Lane, and then makes Superman think Wonder Woman is Doomsday. Superman grabs her and flies her up, intent on throwing her into the sun. She breaks free and attempts to grab the Kryptonite that Batman has given her, but Superman uses his heat vision on Wonder Woman and then punches her so that she comes crashing down to Earth. Wonder Woman attempts to reason with him, but he freezes her with his ice breathe, and lifts the block of Wonder Woman in ice above his head, she has disappeared and crept up behind him. She clashes her Braclets together, affecting Superman's super hearing and she tries to use her lasso on him, but Superman grabs her by the wrist, snappping it. She kicks him back, and it gives her enough time to go to the source of the trouble: Maxwell Lord.

    She flies to the cheateau and wraps her lasso around him, and Superman comes back in. Wonder Woman throws her tiara at him, slicing his throat. To stop this, he asks Lord how to stop him from controlling Superman and he says "Kill me." Wonder Woman snaps his neck as Superman has come to his senses and is horrified to what has happened.


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    Alone Against Superman 0

     It´s no mystery that I dislike Diana a lot, the whole concept of "Wonder Woman" makes my nose twist or my face to frown and the same feeling I have with Superman too, I guess this iconic DC characters from the 40s haven´t got the same appeal as others to me, but I´m not bashing this two characters in vain, no, saying these bad things about them is only the first step to point out how great and fantastic this single issue is. Tie in to the Omac and a vital issue for future events of Infini...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    A Masterpiece 0

    This is one of the most memorable single issues in the history of the DCU.  Diana stands alone against a mind controlled rampaging Superman and she does all she can do to stop him.  She is almost incinerated in the sun, thrown back to Earth, has her wrist broken before finally stopping him at the source of his rampage, Max Lord.  He has been putting images in Superman's head making him want to kill Diana.  What comes next is one of the greatest moments for me as a fan and if you don't know what ...

    9 out of 10 found this review helpful.
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