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To the underworld

The motivation for the volume 3 reboot of Wonder Woman is most often cited as the upcoming issue where Diana is forced to kill Maxwell Lord, but really we can see that the groundwork for this has been laid before as it has here.  At the beginning of the issue Diana is stopping child pornographer or child abuser (it is not really clear what he was doing, not that it really matters.)  After apprehending him she is beset by a flurry of reporters some of whom actually bother her with the shallowness of their questions.  After this brief moment though, the issue takes on a different focus as Diana is approached by Athena for another mission - to free Hermes from the underworld.  She is joined in her mission by Cassie and Ferdinand as they venture into the void through Doom's Doorway.  To be honest I am not as big a fan of the pure mythology based stories in Wonder Woman as I feel like they lack some touch with the real world, but this story is actually quite entertaining and as the first part of the story arc sets up the action perfectly. 

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