Wonder Woman #212

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #212 - The Man Who Mastered Women released by DC Comics on July 1974.

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    Wonder Woman helps rescue Indira Gamal, Prime Minister of Pamanasia, from female assassins at a ceremony near the U.N.

    Wonder Woman helps rescue Indira Gamal, Prime Minister of Pamanasia, from female assassins at a ceremony near the U.N. Building being covered by Clark Kent. Later, she switches to Diana Prince and has to save Morgan Tracy from another female killer. In return, Tracy offers Diana a job as his assistant. But when Clark secretly quizzes Diana about when her powers returned, she has no idea that she ever lost them, and does not know that she ever went on leave of abscence from the Justice League. He tells her to come to JLA Headquarters for the team to help solve the mystery. She uses her magic lasso to change identities, a costume-change devised by Amazon scientists, and goes to the site of the deserted Secret Sanctuary. Superman deduces where she has gone, picks her up, and gets her to the JLA satellite. Once there, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern confirm that she has no memory of her powerless period, and she wishes to retrieve her lost memories. The heroes wish her to return to the Justice League, but Wonder Woman fears she might have another memory-loss while in action and thus jeopardize her teammates. Then, inspired by Hercules’s Twelve Labors, she declares that she will rejoin the League if she can perform twelve assignments successfully. She orders the JLA members to individually monitor each of her next twelve cases, and, if she is judged worthy, she will return. They agree. Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island, where she confronts her mother about her memory loss. Queen Hippolyte says that they could not restore her memories of her non-powered life, because their records of that time of her existence were incomplete, and they could not give her “half-memories”. When Wonder Woman asks what became of Steve Trevor, Hippolyte reveals that the “Steve Trevor” she has known for the past few weeks was a “mentally-induced substitute designed to maintain your psychological stability”, and that the real Steve Trevor is dead. Wonder Woman weeps, and then leaves Paradise Island. Diana takes the job with the U.N.’s Crisis Bureau, and then learns that the culprit behind the attacks on Ms. Gamal is The Cavalier, who hopes to control her and thus control her country. Wonder Woman defeats the villain. Superman, who has been monitoring her, makes his report to his fellow Leaguers, and then chooses The Flash as the next monitor member.



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    A League of Her Own 0

     Diana foils an assassination attempt at the United Nations Plaza which is witnessed by Clark Kent, who then takes invited her to the Justice League satellite, as they were unaware that she had regained her powers.   They offer her membership back but as she is still lacking a part of her memory she will not join as she can’t trust herself.   However, she agrees that if members of the Justice League monitor her next twelve missions and determine she is not unstable that she will rejoin the team....

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