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Diana and the Claw.

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Yes, this is my first wonder woman comic. Yes, I brought it because of the front cover. No, it's wasn't my taste, but it was  
good just for browsing. Director Steel tells Nemesis that Diana Prince and Etta Candy-Trevor might be amazons while conspiracy with Gorilla Grodd, forcing him to "keep an eye on her", and just when he bust into her home thinking that Grodd was inside, were actually the 2 White Gorillas from Gorilla City that acompany Diana. Meanwhile, Diana and Beowulf fights off a Demon-worshipping cult before fleeing. They then meet a warrior who was told by an Oracle (no, not Batgirl) that using the stone of eternity would help them cross plains, and fight Dgrth to save their realm. Though I like the art and humor with Nemesis, this whole mystical plains, fighting demons and barbarian go-all-out stuff isn't my thing. Overall, it's a browse.    

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    Insane in the brain 0

    The last issue left me somewhat confused yet still entertained and this issue does the same again.  Again Wonder Woman is helping Beowulf, and then Stalker also shows up and explains his role in the whole ordeal.  Meanwhile in Washington Tom is forced to set up surveillance on Diana after Sarge Steel suspects that she has infiltrated the agency.  It is kind of hard overall to give a good impression of what is going on here other than to say that the action sequences were fun and the plot is goin...

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