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Paying it backwards

In what seems to be a continuing homage to the golden age, this issue contains two lacklustre stories.   In the first Wonder Woman must free the Amazons from Neptunia.   Some fairly typical action unfolds as the Neptunians vastly underestimate Wonder Woman’s ability before finally managing to bind her in her own lasso.   In the second story the Sky Riders from the flaming planet Nebulosta invade (that’s how they identify themselves which is how I would do it too if I was from there.)   A seven year old Diana must stop them.   She is eventually captured but also manages to free her mother who succeeds in fighting off the villains.   Other than the somewhat cool name of the villains in the second story this is left a lot lacking.   The concept of paying homage to the golden age is not such a great one, especially as the series overall is lacking direction.    

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