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In terms of Wonder Woman's rogue gallery I have never placed Doctor Psycho very high among the best of villains.  Too often he is used as a shortcut in a story, not very well developed and pretty much only existing to be evil.  In this issue though (and really in recent ones in this title) he is portrayed in a way which really gives him more dimensions.  the main action here basically unfolds in two parts.  In the first Medusa and her sisters make a bargain with Veronica Cale (though they sort of lay waste to her facilities.)  In the second part of the story Diana has to deal with numerous apparent suicide jumpers who are actually being controlled by Doctor Psycho.  This was a clever aspect of the story and again a really novel way to use the characters to interact with one another.  It is not something which I have seen elsewhere ever in comics but it really worked here.  

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