Wonder Woman #204

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #204 - The Second Life of the Original Wonder Woman released by DC Comics on February 1973.

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    A mentally disturbed sniper kills several people, among whom is I-Ching, who dies in Diana Prince’s arms. Diana goes after the killer, but is struck in the head and knocked unconscious.

    A mentally-disturbed sniper kills several people with a rifle, among which is I-Ching, who dies in Diana Prince’s arms. Diana goes after the killer, but is struck in the head and knocked unconscious, though the killer falls to his death as the result of striking her. Diana awakens in a hospital, an amnesiac. But her homing instint leads her to leave the hospital, steal a military jet, and head for Paradise Island, though other Air Force jets bring her plane down. She escapes from the plane and is fished out of the water by the Amazons, who recognize her and learn of her amnesiac state. Queen Hippolyte has her dressed in her Wonder Woman outfit again and has her memory restored by an Amazon device, except for an episode which she insists remain concealed from Diana. When Diana awakens, she is Wonder Woman again, with all her original powers, and she is welcomed by all the Amazons save armored challenger who demands the right to fight for the title of Wonder Woman. The armored woman and Wonder Woman battle to a draw, and the newcomer unmasks herself. She proves to be a black woman and identifies herself as “Nubia! Wonder Woman of the floating island!” Diana and Nubia embrace, and then Nubia leaves to return to her island, promising that someday they will prove which is the true Wonder Woman. Hippolyte tells Wonder Woman she must return to Man’s World, though she can return to Paradise Island when she wishes. She goes to New York dressed as Diana Prince and gets a job as a translator at the United Nations, finding two new roommates to share her rent. Diana feels that she has been reborn, and wonders what will happen to her in her new life.



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                    The Mod Girl era of Wonder Woman is one of my favourites.   The depowered Diana become something like a female Batman, relying only on her intelligence, abilities and training for her heroic activities.   So at the end of the short lived Mod era I sort of expected some great story to explain why she has reverted to her old costume.   Alas this story was not it.   Diana has been following the teachings of I-Ching since being the mod girl, but at the beginning of this issue he is ...

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