Wonder Woman #202

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #202 - Fangs of Fire! released by DC Comics on October 1972.

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    With the Fist of Flame now in their grasp, Diana and I-Ching must seek out the Eye of the Ocean. But standing in their way is Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser--and don't forget about Catwoman!

    After a fight breaks out among Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser and Diana and Catwoman, I-Ching halts it by producing the Fist of Flame. He informs them that the Flame Fist has a sister jewel, the Eye of the Ocean (which Fafhrd and the Mouser had sought), and that one can look into one gem and see what is in front of the other. Diana looks into the gem and sees Jonny Double’s face. Jonny proves to be a prisoner of Lu Shan, I-Ching’s daughter, who has the Eye of the Ocean and seeks the Fist of Flame; when joined in a dimensional energy transfer matrix machine, the gems’ energies can pierce dimensions, which will enable Lu Shan to enter and loot Nehwon. Fafhrd confirms that a machine like Lu Shan’s is controlled by the sorceror Gawron, so he, the Mouser, I-Ching, Diana, and Catwoman go to infiltrate his lair. They fight their way inside just as a “random jump” of the Eye of the Ocean brings Lu Shan, some of her gang, and Jonny Double into Gawron’s domain. Diana frees Jonny. I-Ching harnesses the power of both gems to teleport himself, Diana, Fafhrd, the Mouser, and Catwoman back to Earth, but Lu Shan remains stranded on Nehwon. Fafhrd and the Mouser take a look at modern-day Earth, are repelled, and wish to return to their world, which wish the jewels grant.



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    Introducing two nobodies 0

    This issue is a bit of an anomaly.   Diana, I-Ching and Catwoman find themselves in an alternate dimension.  The dimension has an interesting name – Nehwon, which as an expert in Zatanna spells I recognized as the words no when (I guess a play on nowhere) spelled backwards.  I assume this was intentional on the part of the writer.  They soon run across Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser as the two of them try to steal the gem from Diana and company.  I guess Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser were meant to ...

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