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Another Genre Covered

 The mod girl years of Wonder Woman covered a lot of different literary genres, from fantasy to espionage to ghost stories, so it only make sense that another genre gets covered – campy 1950s horror movies.   This is the second part of a two story arc where Diana and Johnny Double are trying to protect Mr. Dill.   The villains in this one are at times comedic.   In a previous issue there were killer falcon carrying snowmobile driving mod girls, in this there are lance carrying mod girls on motorized unicycles.  

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 There is also a St. Bernard which carries nitroglycerin around its neck instead of rum and executes suicide bombing attacks.   Still in the end we see the return of Dr. Cyber and she is seeking revenge on Diana and intends to do so by switching brains with her (that’s the campy 1950s horror part).    The issue was a little lacking overall.   It felt a lot more golden age than modern age with its silly plot devices, non threatening villains and by switching locations too quickly.   Overall not the best of the mod girls years issues but still enjoyable enough.   

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