Wonder Woman #2

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #2 - Who is Wonder Woman? Part 2 released by DC Comics on September 1, 2006.

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    The shocks continue as Wonder Girl confronts the all-new Wonder Woman, challenging the position she's assumed in the DCU. But their battle of wills is cut short when the titanic Giganta arrives on the scene, taking New York City hostage and forcing Wonder Woman to make a decision that could end her new career before it's even begun.
    In a flashback scene, Wonder Woman meets up with Batman. Wonder Woman states that she wants to continue her mission on Man's World, but as herself, not an icon. She wishes to do so, but her murder of Maxwell Lord prevents her from doing so. Batman then brings out a pass card, which gives her a new identity as Diana Prince. That way, she can keep an eye on her enemies and friends without being exposed.

    Back at present day, Sarge Steel briefs Diana and Nemesis on Donna Troy's kidnapping, the villain's improvements on their powers and how they wish to bring Wonder Woman out of hiding. He also tells them of the last whereabouts of Wonder Woman as she was seen fighting the hordes of OMACs and has seemed to disappeared with the rest of Paradise Island. She has also been reported teaming up with I Ching. Cassie Sandsmark may also be the next target so they have been assigned to look after her.

    Diana then reveals herself to be Wonder Woman but Cassie isn't too happy about her abandoning them and flies off in irritation. Then, Giganta, who has Donna over her shoulders demands to know where the real Wonder Woman is. A fight starts on the streets and Dr. Psycho tricks Wonder Girl into thinking that Superboy is back but Nightwing comes in just in time to prevent him from doing so. Cheetah, holds Diana hostage thinking she is an ordinary citizen. She asks where Wonder Woman is and Wonder Girl replies that she is right under her nose.

    Diana fights off Cheetah and runs into an alleyway ready to spin into her costume. But Hercules stops her, and tells her that too many women have failed in this mission regarding Man's World, and it is time for a man to take over.


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    This issue introduces us to Diana's new alter ego which was created in part with Batman's help.  In doing so I thought it was well handled.  For the Wonder Woman fans there are lots of references to things from Diana's past (I-Ching was well appreciated), but I don't imagine that non-fans would be very confused by the references either.  Overall there is more plot here than the first issue but this one still has a lot of action, as Cassie battles those looking for Diana before Diana finally inte...

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    Pretty Good 0

     Another very simple cover image. This one ... not quite as striking as issue number one. On the inside I have to say the art is not exactly thrilling me either. At some points the characters look wall eyed, like we are looking at them through the bottom of a glass. Of course that is my opinion, I could be wrong. I just do not think it fits the book and story, Terry Dodson may just not be the right artist for the job of drawing Wonder Woman.  However, the dialogue and the story seem to be fine. ...

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