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Bullet Points Revew: Wonder Woman Begins...here..

  • From the last issue we were left at a point that Zola is bearing Zeus's child. There is introduction of Hera, Srife.
  • The issue now throws some light on Zola's pregnancy and who wants her dead. This clears up the cloud on the events that took place in the very first issue.
  • Wonder Woman & Hermes head back to Paradise Island to protect Zola. Origin of Wonder woman is revealed by Hermes to Zola and hence to the reader. The origin as told here remains that she is a child of clay as the fruit of Hippolyta's prayers.
  • There is a fight with an amazon, Aleka when she arrives and that is pretty nice visuals. Aleka challenges Diana for a game although it appears as just an event not adding anything to the whole story - or maybe will add something later...
  • The whole issue is kind of having dark (dim lit) art - totally greeky stuff but has some real story coming out of it.
  • The story is creating base for Wonder Woman who looks cool sporting bluish hairs. Hope the base gets stronger by the next issue.
  • According to me, value for money is about 90% and is worth picking up.

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