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Steve Trevor and Etta Candy are flying a mission for General Kohler who is working for Ares. On Paradise Island, Diana is preparing for her mission. The goddesses are waiting for Hephaestus who is making the two Girdles of Gaea into the Lasso of Truth. It is then given to Artemis, then to Hermes who takes Diana by the hand as they disappear into a flash of light. Meanwhile, Trevor's plane loses control and goes into a spin but he manages to pull it back up. Diana and Hermes are flying above the home of Ares, and enters his home. He meets a woman named Harmonia who is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite and gives her half an amulet. All of a sudden, Hermes calls Diana, telling her that her home is in trouble.

The Amazons are preparing for a battle as a plane is seen flying out from the clouds and Trevor's co-pilot, Captain Slade, starts strangling him. Slade's skills were needed to fly through the thunderstorm, but it will seem as if Trevor will be the one who causes the death of the Amazons. Slade sees Diana flying towards the plane and he drops the bomb but Diana catches it and throws it back to the plane which explodes and falls to the sea. Diana swims into the water where Themis is guiding her to Trevor, as Slade's body dissolves due to the fact that he was possessed by Ares.

Candy then tells General Hillary of what has happened and tries to find out why it happened, but Kohler himself has dissolved too. Back at Paradise Island, Athena tells Diana that to defeat Ares, she will need to find the other half of the amulet. At the air force base, Trevor is being questioned about his meeting with Kohler. Then we cut to Phobos and Deimos who are watching these events.


  • "Bridging the Gap" one page text piece by Karen Berger.
  • Contains a black and white preview of the cover to issue #3.

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War Hero 0

 This issue opens perfectly with the reintroduction of Steve Trevor.   Instead of being the great love of Diana, he is now an ex-war hero who has grown tired of the military perpetuating criminal behavior in war.   Despite riding a desk he is sent on a late night flight where he is ambushed by his co-pilot, overcome hatred given to him by Ares.   Meanwhile Diana travels to a mystical realm to talk with Harmonia who gives her a magical talisman.   After returning to and stopping a bombing of the...

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