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Hitting too close to home

   Those of you who follow my reviews know that I will often randomly pick out an old issue and review it just for the fun of it.  And so today I picked Wonder Woman #188 from her first series.  While this issue contained a couple of things that normally I might comment on (racism or torture-like interrogation) its not my focus here.  Neither is the decent short story at the end.  The thing which struck me most about this issue is that it almost parallels what is going on in Japan at the moment, save that in this issue Hong Kong is the location of the carnage.  Basically Doctor Cyber is on the loose and threatening the island with earthquake machines and it is up to Diana to stop him and the machines.  Just like people wished that there was really a Superman on 9/11, last week I was wishing that there was some supernatural way to stop the disaster in Japan.  That some of the images in this comic are hauntingly real made me wish this more so.  




 Those who know me know I am a fan of Diana being written as a strong woman, and she certainly is here.   That this Diana is the 60s depowered mod-girl Diana makes her efforts all the more heroic.   She sees people dying around her and she simply refuses to lose, including at one point tearing iron chains off a wall to free herself.   When Diana is written right she is both fun to read and inspiring.    One of the great things about comics which I love is that they can transcend what is possible from reality and give us a world in which anything is possible.   Sadly these days we don’t live in such a world, but we can remember that regular people like us can make a difference even if it not necessarily destroying an earthquake machine but rather making a donation to aid those in distress.    

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