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Decent Lead-in

This issue sets up the pursuit of Doctor Cyber which took place over the following two issues. Diana is still trying to find those who are responsible for Steve Trevor's condition and she is joined by a new ally, Tim Trench.  The issue benefits in a lot of ways from Diana's new need for resourcefulness as opposed to usually dealing with problems with force as was more common in the golden age.  In particular there was one sequence where Diana was trapped underwater in a heavily armoured car and had to figure out a way to escape.  As was common in this period there was also a page dedicated to a training montage. 

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Doctor Cyber does not seem like a particularly inspired villain rather generic but this is the first time we discovered that she is in fact a woman.  The art also seemed a bit unrefined at times, as opposed to later issue with the theme.  Overall it was entertaining enough of an issue, but there were far better in the mod girl era.  

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