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Wonder Woman #18 Review


As the last chapter of a seemingly infinite arc, Wonder Woman #18 is a great conclusion. Writer Brian Azzarello, known for his ability to write intense, gritty, violent stories writes a chapter that has some great action scenes, but more importantly, has some heart behind it to. While the story looks like it's going in one direction, we get a huge swerve and get an entirely different ending that is both refreshing and leaves us with a heartwarming last splash page. The last page is great, and feels like a nice conclusion to a movie or a season of a TV series; we know there's going to be more drama in the future, but for right now it's all good times.

Speaking of the last page, I wouldn't have guessed at first that 4 different artists worked on this issue! Maybe its due to the multiple settings and many different characters. However, credit should also go to colorist Matthew Wilson, who does a great job keeping the artwork looking consistent throughout this issue as well as adding some really bright, energy-filled colors throughout this issue. This run of Wonder Woman has always had some great looking, wonderfully colored art, and this issue is no exception.

Overall, Azzarello gets how to write a Wonder Woman comic. There's some great action, but we get alot of substance and heart, which is entirely fitting of the Wonder Woman character. If you haven't been picking up Azzarello's Wonder Woman, you should really go out and pick-up the last few issues. We may be witnessing one of the greatest runs on Wonder Woman of all time!

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