Wonder Woman #173

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #173 - Amazons! Attack! released by DC Comics on October 11, 2001.

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         An "Our Worlds At War tie-in" the issue begins with Clotho the Spinner, Lachesis The Tailor, and Atropos The Shearer, overseeing the Earth. The Fates, as they are referred to, narrate almost the entire issue. They make note of Imperiex's responsibility for Hippolyta's death. The anger within Diana as she is forced to ally with Darkseid, the evil ruler of Apokolips. They observe Earth and the hidden Warworld.  
         Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) shatter Imperiex's body in space scattering it's energy. An energy burst makes it seem Earth is attacking Apokolips thus ending the alliance between Darkseid and Earth. A Boom Tube releases hoards of Parademons and an angered Superman fights Darkseid to a near standstill. Now under control of Brainiac 13, Warworld attacks.  
        Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain Marvel and Earth's other powerful heroes attack Warworld. A tendril linking Warworld and Apokolips fades the fire pits of the latter. Another tendril launches with Earth as it's target. Maxima tries to intercept but Brainiac is ready and destroys her ship killing her and everyone else on it. Now joined with Steel in the Entropy Aegis armor, Superman and Diana form a plan.  
         Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and Starfire travel to Paradise Island to meet with Phillipus and inform her of Hippolyta's death. Phillipus and Artemis summon all of the Amazons to help. Steve Trevor absorbs the Wonderdome and the Amazons use Paradise Island to block the newly forming tendril. Diana leads the Amazons, protected by the pieces of the Wonderdome, as they attack Warworld.  
         Darkseid's Shock Troopers appear, the same type that invaded Paradise Island in the past, and attack the Amazons. Starfire stops them as she explains that they need them to stop Brainiac. Diana lands on Apokolips and tells Darkseid they need his help to destroy Warworld.  
         With Darkseid's powers all ready exhausted, Wonder Woman gathers all the Amazons and together they pray. The Shock Troopers now protect the Amazons as they focus all of their energy and spiritual power as it's channeled into Darkseid by Raven.  Apokolips explodes back to life as Darkseid's powers are replenished. He starts to attack with his Omega Beams but Superman contacts Diana and warns her not to destroy Warworld. Superman goes on to explain that Imperiex hasn't been destroyed but instead his energy has been trapped in Warworld and destroying it would free him.  
         They form a plan to recalibrate Lexcorp Tower's Temporal Discharge Cannon to the Beginning of time. Darkseid uses Tempest and Steel to create a big enough Boom Tube for Superman to push Warworld through. Darkseid then tells Diana that after all he's done to their Island in the past they've lost a piece of their soul to him when they gave him strength through prayer. Wonder Woman explains calmly that when Raven channeled their power, she infected his evil spirit with a part of Diana's caring soul and to think about that next time he feels something. She then flies off after knocking over a larger than life statue of the New God. 


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    Our Worlds at War was not a very strong crossover, it was a bit too convoluted and left too many loose ends not wrapped up.  On top of that in this issue the story is being partially told by the Fates of Greek myth as though to give the issue a bit more meaning.  There is again a lot of talk, about Diana trying to get the Amazons to unite and follow her into battle, and about Diana trying to convince Darkseid that he also needs to help.  There is some action, but the ability of Themyscira to app...

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