Wonder Woman #172

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #172 - Her Mother's Daughter released by DC Comics on September 23, 2001.

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    An "Our Worlds at War" tie-in! The War hits Wonder Woman hard. Witness the battle from Diana's point of view and the terrible pain she suffers at the hand of Imperiex.

    An Our Worlds At War tie-in the issue starts with Hippolyta surveying the Paradocs (the medical bay of a large alien ship) searching for Diana. She grows increasingly more panicked until Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl II, tells Hippolyta where she can find her daughter. The former Amazon Queen arrives in time to see Superman flying in with a badly burned Wonder Woman. Cassie calls for a burn team as Wonder Woman goes into convulsions.

    In her mind, Diana wonders where she is and what's happening to her body. Her memories "twist and slide" as she remembers the new Cheetah, her friend Vanessa, and Circe. Other memories like Kansas being destroyed, Superman fighting Zod over Berlin, and Imperiex attacking, begin to surface. She remembers the probes sent to "hollow" the earth, Darkseid and Apokolips joining forces with Earth, and the carnage the probes caused. She recalls destroying a probe and it exploding.

    Her convulsions continue and she accidentally hits a doctor sending him flying across the room. Hippolyta tells Diana to remember the skills she gave her, and to move her body through the pain. To focus her spirit beyond the physical. Hippolyta orders Cassie to get her pack. Inside are salves they use to soothe and heal her skin.

    They get word the J.S.A. was successful in their mission to destroy Imperiex's command ship. Hippolyta notes the alien computers saying Diana is healing at an accelerated rate and that Epione would go mad because she doesn't trust machines. Hippolyta tells Diana she misses her and that she knows she doesn't agree with the changes she's made. She hopes one day Diana could accept her as a peer and not a nuisance. A woman named Julia overhears and tells Hippolyta that Diana rescued her from slavery and gave her a name. An alert sounds and two Imperiex probes attack. Hippolyta turns to Diana and she's staggering on her feet ready to fight. She then puts her to sleep praying to Morpheus.

    Hippolyta goes out in space to attack but the probes ignore her and continue building another Hollower. She hits one to get it's attention and they fight for a page. Before she destroys it, it manages to send the half completed probe toward Earth.

    Inside the Paradocs Green Lantern is having trouble containing various hull breaches. Diana calms him and tells him he can do it. He seals them with some conjured up super glue. Lantern tells Diana that Hippolyta went out to stop the probe. Hippolyta thinks back to when Artemis gave her The Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas then goes to try and stop the Hollower.

    Hippolyta notices the Hollower heading towards Athens and has flashbacks of her saying good bye to her best friend Phillipus. Her armor starts melting and she thinks she's dying. Diana shows up and tries to get her mother to stop. The other Imperiex probe appears and attacks Diana. After a short fight Hippolyta yells at Diana to use her bracelets. Hippolyta uses her Lasso to cut the probes head off which results in an enormous explosion destroying the probe and the Hollower.

    Hippolyta crashes to the ground hard. Seeing this and thinking it's Diana, Superman rushes to help. Diana rises from the crater her impact caused and knocks people over to get to her mother. Diana takes Hippolyta's helmet off and sees she is badly burned. Diana tells her mom she did it. Hippolyta tries to give Diana the Gauntlet but she makes her keep it on. Diana tries to comfort her mom but Hippolyta seemingly dies in her arms.


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    Most of this issue is pretty average, as was the crossover Our Worlds at War which it is linked to.  Most of the issue has Diana in a sick bay while Kyle and Hippolyta are trying to stop the space ship from being destroyed by Imperiex's drones.  The action is decent enough, though Hippolyta shows she is definitely not Diana's equal in battle.  When she returns she discovers an attack being launched against Earth and she goes to stop it.  Diana though weak also intervenes.  The moments between mo...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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