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A dove is flying and carrying a message from Hippolyta. It flies through the storm that separates Paradise Island from Man’s World and it continues flying to its intended destination.

Elsewhere in Wakefield, Massachusetts, Steve is loading luggage into a truck while Etta gives Diana a U.N. passport which will allow her to travel to Greece Diana also thanks both Etta and Steve for clearing out the myths that she is American, which she isn’t. Etta replies that people would make that mistake, referring to her costume. Etta also apologises for mistaking Steve’s and Diana relationship before she explained the origin of her costume. When Steve told Diana that he loved Etta, Diana too was a little jealous. Meanwhile, Vanessa is speaking to her friend, Eileen and she tells her friend that Diana and Superman enjoy each other’s company and cannot wait to Barry as well. Eileen replies that Vanessa needs to stop being blind, because Barry, Vanessa’s boyfriend is only using her to get closer to Wonder Woman. Once he finds out that Wonder Woman is falling for Superman, he’ll break up with Vanessa. Vanessa says that Eileen is just jealous and says that she won’t be her friend. Under pressure, Eileen pleads for Vanessa to not stop being her friend. Diana then calls to Vanessa and tells her that she has to go. Vanessa hangs up, and goes downstairs where Diana and Etta are waiting for her. Steve comes in and tells them that a dove had been tapping at the door and he says that he has a funny feeling that it’s for Diana. Her face lights up as it must be from Themyscira and she says it’s a letter from her mother. They are soon in the car on the way to the airport and Vanessa asks Diana to read the letter.

Hippolyta writes that all is well on Paradise Island, but they experienced a disturbance in Mount Olympus. At first there was a storm, but then it quickly deceased so she asked Menalippe to ask the gods what was happening. They didn’t get a reply which meant nothing was wrong, though Hippolyta felt that the storms were somehow connected with her daughter. Menalippe also felt uneasy, but she was confident that Diana was safe. Etta is who listening asks if everything is going OK. Diana replies that the storms were probably just a manifestation of the confrontation she and Superman had with Darkseid. Diana continues reading the letter, and it says that the debate about Paradise Island having contact with Man’s World has continued. Hellene has been elected to lead the party for isolationism, and even though her mother is for Diana’s views, Hellene’s points are very strong. To decide, the Amazons have gone to the library where they study the pictures of Man’s World that Diana brought back. This morning, Hippolyta had lain on the clay in which Diana was formed, and gazes upon the “light image” (photograph). It was a picture of Diana with the arm around Julia – Hippolyta wishes very much so that she could do the same thing as she has been longing to do so for a very long time. Hippolyta adds that she is proud of her daughter and that she misses her very much. "May the Glory of Gaea be with you." A tear runs down on Diana’s cheek and Steve hopes to meet her someday as she sounds like a wonderful woman.

They arrive at the airport, Etta is making arrangements and Diana is writing a reply to her mother’s letter. She rolls it up and wraps it to the dove’s leg and kisses it on the head, sending the dove back to Themyscira. About an hour later, Steve and Etta are watching Vanessa and Diana board the plane to Greece.

In Mount Olympus the gods and goddesses survey the destruction around them as Apollo recites a mournful poem. An angry Hercules tells him to stop reciting. He says that Darkseid should be made to pay for all this and is about to storm out when Zeus asks him to calm down, and he cannot face Darkseid alone. Hermes agrees and adds that he is right. Even though Diana and Superman had helped, the reason why the island only survived was because of its magical nature. Hercules says that they must unite together to defeat Darkseid and Hera agrees, but they will not wage war. The history is filled with bloodshed and it is a time for a new era of gods. Hermes questions about Ares though, as he was never one of tranquillity. Hercules however is unconvinced and begs the gods to strike back. Even if Hercules is allowed to strike, if Darkseid comes back, there will no gods and Olympus has served them well, but rebuilding it would take too long and they do not have time on their side. The decision is final and Zeus raises his sceptre to join with Hades and Poseidon to seal the pact. With a flash of lightning, Zeus disappears and Hercules curses his father. Artemis comments to Athena that Hercules’ temper may test Zeus’ new patience. Aphrodite asks Hephaestus if he has noticed that Hermes is acting strange of late. Hephaestus replies that he has lost his son, and can’t Aphrodite see that? But she replies that Hermes always had something in him, a special trait that he had is now lost. Hephaestus replies that maybe he is tired of being a god.

Hermes looks down upon an airplane in which Vanessa and Diana have boarded. She thinks how this journey has tired Vanessa so much and how she could answer Vanessa’s questions regarding Superman. But she cannot explain it to someone so young when she can barely understand it herself. Diana managed Superman to be like a god and maybe her expectations had been too high seeing as she was confused. She thought they would have more in common than just superpowers. While she wishes to teach peace, he seems to be the enforcer and the guardian of this universe. She is disappointed with what she sees and knows, and doesn’t want to express it publicly, and he prays that he understands that. The pilot then announces that they will be landing soon, and Diana wakes Vanessa. She asks Diana if she is excited and Diana replies that she is, but also a little nervous, though she will be happy to see Diana. At the airport, Julia and Stavros Christadoulodou are waiting and he asks Julia is she is excited to see them. She replies that she is excited to see them as she hasn’t in such a long time, and Stavros is excited in meeting Diana. The crowd spot Diana and they starting cheering, and Julia embraces Diana. Not far away however, a nervous individual watches. Julia introduces Stavros to Diana and Diana replies in Greek. Stavros comments that she knows how to speak Greek quite well, and kisses her hand. Vanessa yawns again and Julia asks Stravros if they can get to the hotel first. They are also set to meet the Prime Minister and there, there will be a banquet with speeches and press. They climb into the vehicle when the individual watches them with a parchment in his hands. He needs to talk to her and warn her! He walks through some undergrowth until he hears a noise and sees a cat with glowing red eyes. The crowd starts cheering again and the stranger looks up in a tree, with a hawk watching him, with red eyes as well. He runs to escape the animals, but his screams are drowned out by the roaring crowd.

A few days later in America Myndi Mayer reads the story on the front page in which Diana is meeting the Greek Prime Minister. She pours herself another alcoholic drink and calls for her aide, Myndi and asks her to send a memo to all the department heads for a meeting. She also asks to get some more alcohol and Chrissie comments on her drinking, saying that she has probably had a bit too much. Myndi snaps back telling her not to lecture her as it has been a bad day and that everyone has been wanting to talk with her except Diana, but she is just a perfect Boston cheerleader. Chrissie tells Myndi that she has not been herself and that she knows who is responsible: Skeeter La Rue. Why doesn’t she fire him? Myndi tells her to quickly send out the memo, and on her way out, Skeeter sarcastically asks if Myndi is giving her a hard time.

On a small island off the coast of Greece, another woman is looking down on the front page of Wonder Woman and comments to her assistant, Mikos about her captivating style. Mikos replies that she is nothing compared to her and the woman replies that Diana is something. The woman replies that the Amazon’s determination is strong, as she has experienced and she does not like what she senses with his Amazon. Mikos says that she is only here for two weeks, and surely she cannot interfere with their plans, but the woman replies that their last stop is the island Cephalonia and that they should not take her granted.

The next morning in Acropolis, Diana stands amongst the ruins and traces still remain. The gods were here. She can see the light reflect off drawn swords as her mother’s marched over this land. Themyscira was once situated here and now she can see why the gods place so much faith in here, because Man did not want the gods here anymore. They may not be worshipped, but they are still remembered as cities are named after them. She crosses her hands and her bracelets touch and prays to Athena to grant her wisdom to find the voice that will inspire her. Somewhere else, Vanessa, Julia and Stavros wait around the ruins and Vanessa peers through the binoculars, saying how Diana is praying once again. Julia tells her how much trouble it took to allow the PM to allow Diana to walk through the Acropolis and the least she can do is respect her privacy. Vanessa tells Stavros how she always prays in nude when Julia silences her. Stavros says he misses the both of them teasing each other. Diana continues her tours through Greece when she realises how Man once worshipped the gods as greatly as she sees the magnificent buildings. Diana sheds a tear as she wishes her sisters to sleep well. But as long as the Amazons live, there will be peace.

On board a boat on the Ionian Sea as Diana and Julia look across the water. Diana tells Julia that she never knew it was so beautiful here and cannot understand why she visits Greece every year. Julia replies that she was born here and that she was married here. Diana says that she never knew that she had a husband and Julia replies that he was the finest man she ever knew and goes on to describing him when Diana is then distracted by an island and asks Julia if that is Cephalonia. Julia doesn’t even know what that island is called and she has heard that some billionaire lives on it. Diana feels eerie around it and she tightens her jacket as she feels a cold chill go down her spine. As the boat steers back to mainland, the woman watches and murmurs "Let that be your first warning Amazon!"

Meanwhile, on the island of Cephalonia, there are sheep grazing until a sheep herder shouts and the others race over to see what is happening. They see a dead man, as if he were torn to shreds by animals. His face has been torn away, but one sheep herder recognises the jacket and says it is Paul Drivas, rumoured that he had a "Magia" on him. Another sheep herder replies that that is just superstition but another replies that there are no wolf tracks, only sheep tracks. Not far away, a lone sheep as glowing red eyes as well, watching the debate.


  • "Publishorial" 2/3 page text piece by Jenette Kahn.
  • "DC Checklist This Week" 1/3 page featuring the releases for the week.
  • Cameo upper body shot of Superman.

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