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The finale of "The Circle" pits Wonder Woman against the secret sect formed solely to prevent her birth! But to take down this ancient threat, Wonder Woman must find a way to return to Paradise Island, from which she was banned! Meanwhile, Nemesis is left alone to face the rampaging army of Captain Nazi!

Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

The four guards personally chosen by Hippolyta plan their attack on her and sneak up to the room where she sleeps. They notice an eagle in the air and Aklyone says that Philomela said it was an ill omen. As they make their way to Hippolyta's bedroom, Phillipus stops them, suspicious that the four of them are sneaking up to Hippolyta's bedroom in the middle of the night. Alkyone asks her to join her, to rid of the "infection". Phillipus refuses and Philomela shoots her down with arrows. Alkyone raises her sword to kill the baby, though the eagle in the air squawks and wakes Hippolyta up, where the Amazon traitors fight with the other Amazons.

Present Day

Some soldiers patrol their routes when they come across Wonder Woman, with her arms crossed and ready to fight. She throws a punch and knocks out the rest. She grabs one by the neck, and he begs for her forgiveness. She forgives him in the name of honour and orders him to gather his wounded, his forces and surrender his weapons. She orders them to leave and tells them their rendezvous point where they will be arrested. Meanwhile, the traitorous Amazons are watching from afar and observe her fighting skills, comparing her to Hippolyta. Philomela then fires her arrows, piercing Wonder Woman. Alkyone tells her that they have taken her mother, and brought a challenge upon Wonder Woman, where she has to go past four obstacles. She initiates the challenge, where she's shot by arrows, speared by a trident and hit by a club.

Wonder Woman realises that she will have to play their way if she will ever defeat them. She sneaks up on Charis, roping her up to the tree branch, leaving her hanging. She disarms Myrto and her trident, and grabs it, throwing it to Philomela and breaks her bow. Charis breaks the branch with her club, and all three charge for, but she defeats them all, now that she has learned their ways of fighting. She finally makes her way to Alkyone and Hippolyta. Alkyone bows down to Diana and asks her to end this. Diana forgives her, but Alkyone says, "You could have been mine" and makes a cut across Diana's stomach. She runs for the cliff and dives down into the water. Diana assigns the superhuman gorillas the mission of protecting Hippolyta while she has a birthday in America. Etta Candy hugs Diana, while Plastic Man offers her cake.

Etta and Diana go up on the rooftop, and Diana asks about her birth, and wonders if there is more to it. Does Diana want to know more? Etta reminds Diana that if she searches, she will find and ponders the line, "Daughter of a Hunter's Moon" as Diana looks up to the perfect circle of a moon.



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This issue strikes about the perfect balance between engaging action, relevant dialogue and a meaningful plot.  Diana is still on Paradise Island fighting off the neo-nazi invaders and Hippolyta's former royal guard.  The invaders are dealt with relatively rapidly but the renegade Amazons pose a much larger threat.  As is usual in a Wonder Woman comic the resolution is not totally because of a well fought battle but a certain amount of attempting to get the villains to see reason.  In addition D...

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