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To be certain the entire approach of the new 52 Wonder Woman series has not always been to my liking.  The incorporation of random outside elements and the fighting among the gods is not usually the main reason that I read the character.  The story has been pretty well handled but has sputtered at times due to some slow pacing.  That is not the case here, because although this is a setup story, there is still lots going on here.  The events of the Zero issue are finally incorporated into the story here as Wonder Woman gets closer and closer to finding Zola's child.  The manner by which this is done involves more squabbling among the gods but mostly this is tightly woven and does not really detract from the flow of events.  This issue sets up some resolution to this story, though it is hard to see if it will be resolved soon, but at the very least it creates the conditions for a memorable issue to follow.  

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