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a strong story continues

I was one of the new readers of Wonder Woman who started this new volume back with Heinberg as writer and I kept an open mind the entire time. I stuck it out and even when it was bad, I found good things to talk about. Now that all the hype of Gail Simone helming the series has died down, we can focus on the story rather than whose name is stamped on the cover. Let me say this, I didn't know how bad the story was before until I finally got a good one to read!

We are introduced to the creation, the "birth" of Wonder Woman from the deal between the Queen and Zeus. The Queen's four chosen guards are disgusted by what they see as an abomination to their blood. They see it simply that Amazons are barren and don't have babies, ever. (This makes me wonder how on earth you get an Amazon.) So this flashback explains why Hippolyta spends one day a year going over the island from prison cell to prison cell asking the guards if they are remorseful.

Where the story brings into the current time, is where Wonder Woman and the super-apes get to Themyscira during the Fatherland invasion. The Queen held her own rather well for a one woman army but her fall, as noble as it is, is still heartbreaking. In the issues to come, we'll have to see if the Queen is actually dead for good -- since she was back when the volume started anyway and was brought back through magic. Maybe there's a chance she's only injured but since the next arc's title is "Upon Pain of Death," it is likely that Hippolyta is dead again.

As always, the Dodsons' artwork is strong and glorious. The colors that are breathtaking in particular are when Wonder Woman lands on the shore and the sun reflects off her golden armor. It's stellar but I expect nothing less from this team.

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