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The intensity ramps up in the third chapter of "The Circle," as the whole truth is revealed about the attempted murder of Diana on the night of her birth!

And in the present day, Wonder Woman fights to prevent the destruction of not just her loved ones, but her entire culture. But whose standard is she wearing into battle, and does it mean she has abandoned the gods completely? No Wonder Woman fan should miss this story!

Plot Synopsis - spoilers ahead!

Alkyone begs Hippolyta not to do this. Everyone will become jealous because everyone else is barren. Hippolyta tells her to rise and to be happy for everyone. The four personal guards of Hippolyta stand on the balcony together. One of them says that Hippolyta will abandon them for this baby. Alkyone says that even the gods were afraid of what Hippolyta would do that night when the baby was created. There was a Hunter's moon and Zeus' own conjuring, which was unheard of. The four personal guards are the only ones who love the Amazon way, and only they are strong enough to do what must be done.

Down at the beach, Hippolyta cradles the baby close to body and says, "Wonder." At Themyscira, one Amazon points out that Hippolyta has returned. Other Amazons comment on the baby; "Is it dead?", "The burden she carries... it's not moving!" Hippolyta then says, "Beloved sisters," and holds the baby up to the Hunter's moon. Hippolyta screams, "I give you your princess. I give you out daughter!" The baby cries, and many Amazons comment on what they remembered when they had children and Agrippe asks what her name is. Hippolyta replies that she will be called Diana. Meanwhile, the four personal guards hide in the bushes and watches all this. Alkyone begs for forgiveness of what they will do next.

Present Day

The Nazis are still on the island. One tells them to destroy a statue of an Amazon, where one says they have found a library. She explains that it's "beyond remarkable" and comments on how valuable these could be. The squad leader tells her to burn it all, but the woman who found the library, named Tabitha tells him that they are all treasures. The squad leader thinks differently - they don't need to bring home "scribblings of a race of madwomen, Tabitha." He tells her to burn it all, and then points his attention to the four personal guards that guarded Hippolyta in the past. He points a gun at Alkyone and tells her that she knew how to stop her. Alkyone however, doesn't too much about the threats. Someone then calls out to him and says that "she was hiding in the stream." He recounts the events, and says that they couldn't stop her, not even slow her down. He continues recounting: down at the beach, Hippolyta took down the guards and comments on their pride. They take her for granted because they don't know the meaning of the word "Amazon". But she will teach them. Hippolyta meanwhile has a sword to a soldier's throat, and tells him to tell the squad leader that they don't belong here and will not accommodate him. She tells him to say one more thing to the squad leader: "Tell him that my daughter will come for me." The squad leader questions that last statement as he says that her sisters have been banned from the island. Tabitha then chirps in, saying that they aren't getting anything from Blue Point, Red Point and Grey Point. And that there's a woman coming in from the north... in a giant sea shell. The squad leader is speechless because of this... two of them? The squad leader snaps back into action and orders every soldier to make their way to the beach. They can't cut through if they are outnumbered.

At the beach, the soldiers move into position. The squad leader says, "We will never know peace until their bones rot on this god-cursed sand!" Over the horizon, Diana is riding over the water and comments on the morning sun just coming out. It's dawn. She says that Amazons appreciate the dramatic, with Diana using the wind to fasten her boat, with the sun gleaming behind her. She then comments on dawn again - the advantage of sunlight in the enemy's eyes. Diana walks onto the beach and asks them to surrender. She warns them that she will only ask them once. "Surrender," she says. Tabitha replies that she can't possibly defeat them all. All of them are at her strength level and they are armed with the most sophisticated weapons. Diana replies that this scenario is possible, but it's only possible that her friends might reject that. Behind her, Tolifhar and his army of superhuman gorillas charge for the Nazi army. Diana comments on the screams of war, that they face their hatred at last with them. But she also prays for the soldiers:

"To those above, from those below. I ask that my enemy surrender, or failing that, that he fall in battle, without further bloodshed and grieving from his loved ones. I ask that you protect my allies, whose only folly is valuing my life above their own. Do them no harm, I ask, with everything my heart is or ever will be. But grant us victory, this above all. For any other ending means the death of all I hold dear."

A grenade is throw in the air, and Diana uses her acute aiming and her bow and arrow to shoot the arrow through to hook it to a loop on the grenade and it flies to the tank. She continues with her prayer.

"You created this ground I tread upon. Allow me the strength to stand on it, 'til my mission is done."

At the Department of Metahuman Affairs, the director asks Etta Candy if Agent Prince had fallen in battle, and refers to the flu bug. Etta Candy makes a run for it, and goes to Prince's apartment.

Back on Paradise Island, Tolifhar asks Diana how it's going, and Diana replies that it's not going well enough. He then points to an eagle in the sky, and asks if he is waiting for us to die. Diana replies that it's a she. And that she wants us to live, as Diana points to the eagle on her bustier. She then says that there's a change in the plan. She tells them to make for the trees, to make the enemy come to them.

At Agent Princes' apartment, Etta breaks into ther apartment and holsters a gun, and then points it to a man wearing a green suit with red eyes.

At Themyscira, a storm comes and Alkyone says that these are the tears of Athena. A soldier then calls for the squad leader and says that they've found Hippolyta. She flew straight over them and they all shot her down, her "fairytale horse" as well.

Elsewhere on the island, two soldiers talk with each other about downing Hippolyta. One says that Wonder Woman and her "monkey pals" have retreated. The other soldier says that's too bad, saying that he would've liked to meet Wonder Woman, while making an in-joke about the Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman and the bondage scenes that happened during that time. Just as the soldier is saying that, the other soldier is nipped on the neck with Diana's hands and disappears. The other soldier turns around and finds his friend gone. Diana jumps out of the bushes and tackles him and holds the lasso in front of his face. She asks him if he wants to see the whole truth of everything he is. She threatens him with the lasso, asking him where her mother is before she forgets about mercy and honour.

Back with Alkyone and the three others, they defeat the guards keeping them locked up.

Diana then finds her mother's mount and sees the silhouette of her mother. Diana calls out to her, and she replies that she is pierced. Diana makes a run for her mother and she falls over, where Diana holds her mother's head up.



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Rebirth 0

Hippolyta's bodyguards are described in better detail here, eliminating most of the mystery which surrounds them, but other than that this issue is pretty action packed.  The invading neo-nazis meet with stiff resistance first from Hippolyta and then from Diana and her gorilla friends.  It is not all just action though as the story is advanced through the fighting quite well, as well as having some good dialogue between combatants.  The villains are shown at times as a cowardly lot, which i thin...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

a strong story continues 0

I was one of the new readers of Wonder Woman who started this new volume back with Heinberg as writer and I kept an open mind the entire time. I stuck it out and even when it was bad, I found good things to talk about. Now that all the hype of Gail Simone helming the series has died down, we can focus on the story rather than whose name is stamped on the cover. Let me say this, I didn't know how bad the story was before until I finally got a good one to read!We are introduced to the creation, th...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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