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From the last issue, Silver Swan screams her sonic waves and sends a Ferris wheel almost crashing down to the ground. Wonder Woman flies over and saves it from crashing down. The wheel however is falling apart and she knows that she can’t hold on for much longer. A young boy screams for his life as he is hanging on for his life. One of Vanessa’s friends says he will help, but Steve pushes him aside, saying that this is no place for kids. Steve fortunately catches the child in time. Meanwhile, the police are desperately trying to stop Silver Swan who seems to be dodging their bullets. She emits a low hum and they realise that she has some force field up. Lt. Michael Shands radios his inspector, Eddie Indelicato asking him where he is. Eddie replies that he caught a man that pulled out a gun and thinks he may be involved. Another lady was also with him, but she managed to run away.

Maxine is in a tree, trying to take this all in. She realises she has been shot at, drugged and is now on the run from the police, all because of her friend Valerie, who is also the Silver Swan. She denies that her loving friend is the Silver Swan. No matter how much Henry Armbruster may have transformed her physically, she must be the same person with the same heart and mind.

Up above, Silver Swan is still flying around and thinks to herself that her aim wasn’t to hit the Ferris wheel, she was aiming for Wonder Woman. She realises that this is all her fault and pleads to Henry for help.

Wonder Woman manages to lower the Ferris wheel and Henry and Mister Choi continue to monitor Valerie’s life signs. Choi comments that her life signs are getting dangerously high and they realise that they are losing control of her. Henry grabs a mic and talks to her through that, telling her to not panic or else it’ll ruin everything they’ve planned for. She tells her to remember everything that he has taught her, and to prepare herself for level three force blast. She responds that she might hurt people, but he tells her not to argue and to just go ahead with it. Silver Swan is hesitant at first, but then she screams and when it’s over, people are deaf and have headaches, and million of dollars of property have been destroyed. Lt. Shands calls Eddie and asks him if he is alright. Eddie replies that he is, but the suspect he caught escaped. Wonder Woman asks Vanessa if she is alright, and she says she is fine, apart from being temporarily deaf.

Silver Swan above catches the attention of the people and says that that is only the icing on the cake and has a lot more to offer. She orders the people to stay where she is while her people arrive to steal money off them. This entire event has been organised only to promote Wonder Woman and to promote some feminine ideal that the Amazon Princess cannot fulfill. Diana is deeply cut by these words as a van with mask men come out. They order Miss Conney and Skeeter to give them the money they have. Wonder Woman asks Cooney to forgive her, but Cooney accuses her of just promoting herself, and is planning to sue the Mayer agency.

From the control room, Choi apologises for doubting Henry and he says that he has complete control over her. Now all she has to do is collect the computer chips with the Fair’s receipts and they will have complete control over Silicon Valley.

At the fair, the gang tells Wonder Woman to take their shares to Silver Swan. Wonder Woman takes the two bags up and as she does, she wonders if her fame really has affected her judgement. Maxine watches as Wonder Woman flies towards her friend and she tries to think up how Valerie has ended like this. Wonder Woman goes to give the bags to Silver Swan, and Maxine sees Solomon below, aiming his gun at her. He knows that she will have to lower her force field for Wonder Woman to give the bags. Maxine shouts out just as Solomon pulls the trigger. Wonder Woman reacts to the shout and deflects the bullet with her with her bracelets. Valerie shouts the word “traitor” down at Solomon and the wave destroys the tree and his body falls to the ground. Wonder Woman then grabs Silver Swan with her shield down and she pushes her away from the city. Silver Swan then executes a graceful move and distances herself away from Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman slaps Silver Swan and stuns her as she falls to the ground. Wonder Woman unhooks her lasso to grab Silver Swan but Henry tells her to snap back into focus before Wonder Woman can catch her. Silver Swan then reactivates her force field and the field sends an energy backlash through Wonder Woman’s lasso and electrocutes Wonder Woman’s body.

Wonder Woman starts falling to the ground and Silver Swan tells Henry that she has defeated the Amazon Princess. Henry tells her that she isn’t easy to defeat and Silver Swan has to finish her. Silver Swan then sings a song, sending a sonic wave through the waters, just missing Wonder Woman. She realises that she must resurface quickly as she didn’t have a chance to take a breath and so she must find a way to muffle Silver Swan’s scream. An idea comes to her head, inspired by Vanessa at the beach one day. Wonder Woman removes her cape and waits for the opportunity between Silver Swan’s sonic waves. She then launches herself out of the water and the wet cape that Wonder Woman twisted snaps and sends Silver Swan flying through the air. She then uses her tiara to clip Silver Swan’s wings and she falls to the ocean below. Wonder Woman then flies down to catch the falling Silver Swan and wraps her around in the wet cape, muffling her screams. Wonder Woman tells her to surrender and Silver Swan is thrashing around. In the control room, he life signs are off the scale as there is an eerie silence and a catastrophic explosion follows.

In the control room, the readings have died and Choi apologises for Henry’s loss. Henry is angry and rages that “if only the little idiot hadn't panicked!” Just then, they pick up a weak signal and Henry orders a helicopter to collect the Silver Swan and says that it’s time that she learned why he is not a man to disobey.

Along the shores, Silver Swan flies and is filled with images of a disappointed Henry. She whispers for him to forgive her and that she will do better next time.

In Pilgrim’s Village, the people living there look on in surprise at the battered Wonder Woman. She gets up and they ask her if she is okay. She says that she if okay and she makes her way back to Boston. She has no idea what happened to the Silver Swan but she hopes she is okay. She is guilty enough as her own fame has caused a good cause to become destroyed. Julia warned her that she must be careful of the choices she makes, and she wonders if she can learn anything from this day. A little later during sunset, she and Steve meet to share a secret. Wonder Woman tells Steve of her origin and he tells the Princess that he could feel a special connection between them two. Wonder Woman having met Steve’s mother, she tells her how his mother has become proud of him and without her, many Amazons would be dead now and that her courage will be honoured forever. She took Diana Trevor’s weapon, and she places it in his hands and tells him that his mother wanted him to have it.

The next day, a TV reports about the attack from Silver Swan and the robbery was stopped by Lt. Michael Shands and Inspector Ed Indelicato. Ed explains how they stopped the van while Wonder Woman was fighting with Silver Swan, but they cannot find the two bags that the Silver Swan dropped, and with her presumed dead, they might not find what was in those bags. Meanwhile on an airliner, Maxine reads a letter from Valerie and whispers “Oh Val... what did that bastard do to you?” Soloman is also in a critical condition and say that his female accomplice has shouted something before he fired, and they have idea what connection she has with him or the Silver Swan.


After a week, Vanessa is rehearsing what she wants to say to Diana. Even though they are both friends, Barry, Vanessa’s boyfriend, is always staring at her, and it has to stop. Diana needs to find her own man and stop tempting Barry. Diana then knocks and enters asking why Vanessa is not ready for school yet and Vanessa replies that her stomach hurts. Diana goes to call the doctor, but then Vanessa says it’s not a stomach ache and that they both have to talk. She notices what Wonder Woman is so fascinated with, and she realises that it is Superman. Unlike her Amazon sisters, she has never seen a man until Steve Trevor and she doesn’t understand the bond between the sexes. Vanessa has Barry, Steve has Etta, and Hippolyta has Hercules. But she has no one, and in her dreams, Superman is like a god. Vanessa then exclaims “You’ve got the hots for Superman!” and Diana corrects her, saying that it is a feeling she cannot explain whenever she sees him. Vanessa adds that she is perfect for Superman, and that she should get Myndi to set up a meeting between them two.

A few days later at the Myndi Mayer office, Diana waits why Myndi makes the call. Myndi is speaking with Clark Kent, who seems to have close connections with Superman. She tells him that this would be a multi-million event, and that the Daily Planet will have exclusive serialisation rights to the romance if Clark can contact Superman. Outside, Myndi tells Diana that she can meet Clark and they agree to meet on the weekend. Myndi asks Clark where the meeting is going to take place as she needs to set up the cameras. Clark replies that Superman hasn’t told him a meeting yet, leaving Myndi desperate to get back on the phone with Clark. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is anticipating the meeting with Superman!

On Mount Olympus, Hermes is escaping the explosions around him and his enemies seem to be around him everywhere. He tries to warn Zeus, but his path is blocked. A strike hits him and he falls to the floor and a mocking laugh echoes through Mount Olympus.


  • Clark Kent is not seen but was talking with Wonder Woman over the phone.

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