Wonder Woman #158

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #158 - The Fury Of Egg Fu! released by DC Comics on November 1965.

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    Wonder Woman takes herself and Steve Trevor off Paradise Island (Steve, having been on a table, has not touched ground and is thus not in violation of Aphrodite’s Law). They opt to return to Oolong and battle Egg Fu. On the way, they see a tiny meteor of antimatter destroy a large meteor of positive matter, and deduce that touching antimatter might rid them of their explosive power. On Oolong, they fight off Red Chinese troops and tanks, but Egg Fu snatches them and uses their own powers against them, rendering them both unconscious and then tossing them away. But as they arc skyward, they contact another piece of anti-matter and their explosive power is neutralized. Wonder Woman encircles Egg Fu with her magic lasso.


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    I don’t know how to explain this 0

    First of all this issues contains the “stunning” conclusion to the Egg Fu/human bomb storyline from the previous issue.   The reasoning behind it is pretty weird.   Now both Diana and Steve are explosive, but when she sees an antimatter meteor she has her solution – antimatter will stop them from being explosive (as well as a meteor of antimatter could very well destroy the earth but whatever). Once they get around to fighting Egg Fu they got caught in his mustache trap (umm … gross!).   Eventua...

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