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The Olden Ways

This issue attempts to style itself after golden age issues with its artwork and plot, in order to see if the fans might prefer the older stories as opposed to newer ones.  Suffice to say they didn't with a mini reboot only two issues away.  In this issue Diana is against the Brain Pirate who has the ability to steal people's consciousnesses.  Diana is impervious but Steve and the Holliday Girls are not so lucky and Diana must try to save both herself and the bodies and minds of her friends.  In retrospect it seems weird to ask if fans want a return to the golden age of comics when from a modern perspective it already is the golden age of comics, but seeing as the title was on the verge of being considered silver age it seems like a strange appeal to the readers.  Having read a lot of these older issues it is easy to understand why the creative team eventually decided to look forward not backwards.

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