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At the gates

To be honest here the concept of such an issue has always been a bit off-turning for me.  I have never been a big fan of the ancient gods and heaven co-existing together, nor have I been such a big fan of using heaven as the basis for a battleground.  It always feel so contrived.  Most of the ancient gods are not seen as truly omnipotent.  So whenever the Christian God needs a hero to defend the gates of heaven it always strikes me as incredibly ridiculous.  It is not that I am religious either, just if God truly was being attacked, by definition of Christian dogma he could just think them out of existence.  I kind of feel as though it is like the old Gary Larson cartoon where God is playing in a game show against some guy and the score is like 1000 to nothing.  There is just no comparison to omnipotence.  Anyway despite all of that this issue still is moderately successful in making a decent plot and providing some great action.  I know some people might like those stories and if thats the case this is probably such an issue.  I think the lesson here speaks much more to humility than it does to anything else as well.  Still this is a strange setting and I wished the writer had just left it alone.  

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